That it May Bless… by Susie

Well hello dear friends!  I’ve missed you! Praise God for the summer break because, folks, come June I was sincerely “limping across the finish line.”  Forgive the stolen quote from Jen Hatmaker  and her hilarious blog post about the sheer state of exhaustion us moms can find ourselves in by the time the last few weeks of school … Continue reading

We are growing….by Kell

NO. NO, NO, NO. I am NOT having a baby. IIIIII am not growing. And neither is Susie. WE are growing!!!!! Raisingdeeproots is officially getting a professional makeover. In all honesty, by December of 2012 we were at that point were we were begging God to show us if this was the end of our RDR journey or … Continue reading

From our hearts to yours {Our Bloggy promises and prayers for you}…by Kell and Susie

We have been so blessed recently by the encouraging words from many of you stating you are enjoying our *meager* efforts here to provide a space that encourages parents to “raise children with deep roots in the Word of God and person of Jesus!”  Thank you for your kind words as we strive to offer … Continue reading

A new root…by Kell

The last few months have not been conducive to blogging!!!!  Despite my co-bloggy mama’s urging to get back on the bandwagon, my lack of sleep has given little motivation!!  So please dear friends and readers, forgive the absence but a new root has sprouted in my house ;-)!  Lincoln Daniel was born on August 10th at 7 … Continue reading

Why the blog? by susie

Welcome Newcomers (Especially those from my present precious Tiburon Baptist Church family and my beloved previous Strawberry Community Church family!) Why the Blog? To be sure, there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of blogs out there and frankly, many of you probably have blogs of your own.   So a better question is Why this … Continue reading