Revisiting Leap Day: An Extra Day to Experience the Fullness God!…by Susie

Hi Friends,  I hope you enjoy this post I edited from the archives.   In a last-minute attempt to have some fun with Leap Day I whipped out a batch of healthy muffins so I can pull together an edible clock for the family. How about some cornbread muffins with your chili tonight?  Reading this … Continue reading

Celebrating Purim: The Story of Esther…by Susie

I’m especially excited to share today’s post with you. Why? Because this family devotion time requires nothing more from you than to curl up with your kids on your favorite sofa with a great story. Add in some cookies,  hot chocolate and tea and you’ve got yourself a great way to spend time in God’s word … Continue reading

Did you pack a box? …by Susie

Kindly find your way over to our new site and subscribe to our newly designed, rather lovely new blog! I’m sniffling a little right now.  Happy sniffles from a heart that has been blessed.  I received an email a couple days ago informing me the that the Operation Christmas Child boxes we packed this Thanksgiving ended … Continue reading

Raising Deep Roots – Our exciting news!!

Tada!! We did it!  We are so excited to share our new website with all of you!  We’ve been dreaming of this day for over two years now!  We have a new website for our blog and we just happen to think its just so pretty!  Please join us over at   Please make … Continue reading

The day AFTER Mother’s Day by Kell

Mother’s Day. It’s THE day. Probably the only day. A mother can take off from poopy diapers, dishes, cooking, laundry, getting up early, and at least 500 other tasks totally guilt free. She is celebrated. Loved. Treated like the gift that she is. I totally felt that. Minus the fact that my overly honest child … Continue reading

Raising Deep Roots Workshops!…{and a giveaway!} by Susie

Pinching myself… I’m home alone and awake (gasp!)  and so I’ve grabbed the laptop, ignored the dinner dishes that need to cleaned up, put on some amazing Andrew Peterson music, lit some candles and I’m going to try to crank out some bloggy goodness!  I wanted to take a moment to recruit your help!  One of the unexpected … Continue reading

Resource : What God wants for Christmas on SALE!!

Last year I posted about one of our favorite Christmas traditions – Hosting a Happy Birthday Jesus party!  In that post I mentioned this wonderful resource called “What God wants for Christmas”.  It happens to be on sale for 55% off at Family Life! As a bonus is also now includes an audio CD in … Continue reading

Babies on the Brain…by Susie

Remember THAT POST way back in February?  The one called WE ARE GROWING.  The one that got a ton of hits from Facebook because you just couldn’t help but wonder if one of us was pregnant?  The one in which Kellye emphatically announced that neither of us was pregnant but rather we were eagerly revamping … Continue reading

Make a difference! One Room Parent’s story…guest post by Sara

School is well under way and I don’t doubt that if your child is in a private or public school, the invitations from the PTA to jump in and help out at school have been pouring in.  Perhaps your children’s teachers are sending our pleas for help.  “Come be a room parent!”  “Come be a … Continue reading

Back to School Prayers {and a printable!!} …by Susie

Last week I hosted a “back to school” prayer night for moms and others in my church who wanted to pray for the children in their lives and those that teach them.  There is something about the start of new school year that fills me with both hope and angst!  Fresh starts and new beginnings … Continue reading