Make a difference! One Room Parent’s story…guest post by Sara

School is well under way and I don’t doubt that if your child is in a private or public school, the invitations from the PTA to jump in and help out at school have been pouring in.  Perhaps your children’s teachers are sending our pleas for help.  “Come be a room parent!”  “Come be a … Continue reading

Hosting a Happy Birthday Jesus Party by Susie

I’m writing this on the eve of hosting my 5th or so Happy Birthday Jesus Party.  My sweet five year old couldn’t fall asleep tonight he was so excited!  “Daddy, guess what tomorrow is?  It’s our happy birthday Jesus Party!”  And you know what friend?  I’m pretty excited too!  This one of those special times … Continue reading

Gift Giving Part 2: What’s in the bags?! by Kell

The bags.  Time with Jesus.  Rest for their little souls.  Peace from the boyness (aka punching, name calling, whining, and other *brotherly love*).  Oy.  Sometimes space is necessary.  For ALL of us. 😉 So here is how I did it and what is in them and I pray that this gift of meaning brings ALL … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: Teaching Need vs. Want by Kell

The last week and a half in our world has been a whirlwind.  My husbands grandfather passed away last Wednesday so we drove to be with family.  I hope to post someday about the legacy of faith that my husband was adopted into.  The funeral was a beautiful picture of grace for Daniel and my … Continue reading

Book: Will God’s Mighty Warrior: The Mystery of Magillicuddy’s Gold by Kell

Got a “book parade” at school coming up and need a last-minute idea that is easy and will drive home a solid Bible based book for your kiddo?  Will God’s Mighty Warrior: The Mystery of Magillicuddy’s Gold by Sheila Walsh is oozing with pirate adventure and seeks out the one and only treasure, God’s Word. … Continue reading

Book: Going Public by Kell

“There’s never been a time when children could be successfully raised without sacrifice and discipline on the part of the parents.”  Elisabeth Elliot Over the past two years I have sincerely come to a place where I believe two things about education in our home. One: Homeschooling is not just a wonderful option, but it is our responsibility.  Two: … Continue reading