The Story of St Patrick: More than Shamrocks and Leprechauns…by Susie

Even though I took on the Butler name when I married the love of my life, there’s not much Irish about me.  I’ve tried in years past to jump into the fun that many enjoy on March 17th by cooking up some Corned beef ( yum!) and I think this year we’ll expand our horizons … Continue reading

Operation Christmas Child : Build-a-box …by Susie

Guess what? It’s not too late!  It’s not too late!  You can still participate!!! Kellye and I were kicking ourselves at the end of November for not posting about Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe box ministry.  This fantastic organization will be delivering its 100 millionth box this year to a child living in poverty somewhere … Continue reading

Hosting a Happy Birthday Jesus Party by Susie

I’m writing this on the eve of hosting my 5th or so Happy Birthday Jesus Party.  My sweet five year old couldn’t fall asleep tonight he was so excited!  “Daddy, guess what tomorrow is?  It’s our happy birthday Jesus Party!”  And you know what friend?  I’m pretty excited too!  This one of those special times … Continue reading

By The Numbers: Guest Post by Amy!

Have you received your Samaritan’s Purse catalog?  Every year, we encourage the boys to give something, anything, to Jesus.  They gather what little they have and search the pages for what they can buy.  Usually a chicken, a Bible, sports balls, and a mosquito net are our gifts to the King.  See what one determined little … Continue reading

Pace & Rhythm of Your Own by Kell

Pace & Rhythm has been a focus in our church lately.  What is healthy?  What is habit?  What is necessary?  What is not?  How does pace and rhythm look in the home, in the church, in mission, in everyday life? We have seasons in our home.  Seasons where being busy is welcomed, enjoyed, and brings energy into the … Continue reading

Music: Slugs, Bugs & Lullabies by Kell

Slugs, Bugs, & Lullabies has been one of our favorite children’s C.D.’s for several years now.  Andrew Peterson & Randall Goodgame have put adventure & fun into each song and have several really cute songs about Jesus such as “God Made Me,” “Stop,” and “You Can Always Come Home.”  While the album in geared for … Continue reading

Book: Going Public by Kell

“There’s never been a time when children could be successfully raised without sacrifice and discipline on the part of the parents.”  Elisabeth Elliot Over the past two years I have sincerely come to a place where I believe two things about education in our home. One: Homeschooling is not just a wonderful option, but it is our responsibility.  Two: … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: E & F Week

Logan at his new Elementary School!

Just what I hoped would not happen, has….it is F week and there is still a fever in this house!!  Seriously.  I’m not sure what else to say about this except that it is just not fair to have a child throwing up on me on my thirtieth birthday ;-).  I was selfish, I cried, … Continue reading