Using our Jesse Tree during Lent? …by Susie

Ok RaisingDeepRoots readers!  This is one of those times I’m going to ask for your input.  I have a vague idea of a devotional idea to do with the kiddos during Lent but the details are hazy.  Yes, I know, I’m a week late…what else is new?  Of course, do I let that stop me? … Continue reading

Hosting a Happy Birthday Jesus Party by Susie

I’m writing this on the eve of hosting my 5th or so Happy Birthday Jesus Party.  My sweet five year old couldn’t fall asleep tonight he was so excited!  “Daddy, guess what tomorrow is?  It’s our happy birthday Jesus Party!”  And you know what friend?  I’m pretty excited too!  This one of those special times … Continue reading

Grieving yet celebrating : Post Christmas reflections by Susie

The Christmas tree just came down today.  I confess it wasn’t laziness or even busyness that kept the tree up this long into January but an honest desire to enjoy its beauty and to keep the celebration going a little longer.  You see,  we got a bit of a late start in experiencing the joy … Continue reading

Holiday Fun:Truth in the Tinsel by Susie

Source: So its Dec 13th which means we have 12 days until Christmas!  Whoo hoo!  I think technically the “Twelve days of Christmas” is really talking about the twelve days AFTER Christmas leading up to Epiphany, but just go with me on this one!   Both Kellye and I are HUGE fans of the … Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! by Susie

Susie's thanksgiving tree

Hurray for Fall! Hurray for Thanksgiving! Hurray for Holiday madness!   As someone who was an avid follower of RaisingDeepRoots LONG before I was ever a contributor, I just have to give a big shout out to Kell for all the wonderful work she put in this time last year posting all her great Thanksgiving and … Continue reading

Another Woman’s Heart is my Blessing by Kell

I am expectant this year, eager for the coming Christ. My heart is ready to tread through the pages of Scripture in search of the King of Kings that the prophets spoke of. Their lives & words were windows into the very heart of our Father and I pray this Christmas they would be the … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: Advent. Part 1. Jesse Tree by Kell

I am so excited to share our month of December with you!  In our home we celebrate Advent, which means “coming” or “arrival” .  It is a way to help the kids grasp the meaning of the birth of Christ.  It is a time of joy and hope as we celebrate the Savior coming to … Continue reading