Gift Giving Part 2: What’s in the bags?! by Kell

The bags.  Time with Jesus.  Rest for their little souls.  Peace from the boyness (aka punching, name calling, whining, and other *brotherly love*).  Oy.  Sometimes space is necessary.  For ALL of us. 😉 So here is how I did it and what is in them and I pray that this gift of meaning brings ALL … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: Gift Giving by Kell

I folded up my thanks tree last night with a little sadness over our lack of completion.  Every year I tuck our thankful cards in an envelope and put them in a special box for one sad day when all my kids are at their in-laws for thanksgiving ;).  I felt a little shame or … Continue reading

The Action Bible by Kell

People.  There has yet to be a children’s Bible that trumps The Jesus Storybook Bible for me.  Wait for it….wait for it.  Until my 8-year-old read SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE pages in TEN days.  Face buried in The Word.  The only time (not true statement) I have ever ignored the fact that he was ignoring me.  Or … Continue reading

Tabletop Truths : making mealtimes meaningful…by Susie

I’d love to share a teaching tip with you.  Are you ready for it?  Teach while your kids are eating!  Seriously!  It’s almost foolproof!!   I’d love to say I learned this strategy in a “childhood development” or “teaching biblical concepts to children” class but, honestly, I learned this in sheer desperation as a volunteer … Continue reading

Painting Through the Psalms by Susie

I am thrilled to announce a new author here at RaisingDeepRoots!  She is my beloved best friend, wife to Associate Pastor in Tiburon, CA, mom of two precious boys: Owen & Jake, physicist in a cancer institute (aka- total brain), lover of cooking & gardening, and an incredibly missions minded mama when in comes to family & … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: Christmas, our new gift tradition! by Kell

We all come from different family traditions when it comes to Christmas.  Christian families range all over the map- some love the fun of Santa and all the American tradition of Christmas while others steer as far away from that as possible.  I grew up somewhere in the middle…the fun of Santa and the majesty … Continue reading

Book: Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper by Kell

There is nothing like having a child to send a surge of questions to ones heart and mind about the habits and traditions of a home.  What does our family look like?  What do we want our family to look like?  Who do we want these children to become?  And how do we help them … Continue reading

Book: Devotions for Preschoolers by Kell

A gal at church asked me for a good Devotions guide for her young peep’s.  The One Year Book of Devotions for Preschoolers by Crystal Bowman is the only one we have ever used.  Why?  1.  It is DAILY which get the kids (and us!!) into a good routine with God’s Word. 2. It has characters … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: T Week

We had a GREAT time with the letter T!  Basic educational stuff: we did our magnet board with T is for Turkey page from here, we pulled out our Kumon books for Telling Time (for Logan) & Tracing (for Bennett) (which by the way are great step by step books and easily bought at Target!!), … Continue reading

We love Sally (& Jesus)….Part 2 by Kell

Well, let me just say, I am lovin’ the newest addition to our walls!  A wonderful reminder in the center of the home of the “never stopping never giving up unbreaking always forever love” of Christ!  This is a well loved saying from our Jesus Story Book Bible by Sally Loyd Jones.  I totally did … Continue reading