Redeeming Halloween: Going Batty! …by Susie

batty brothers

Welcome back to the RaisingDeepRoots Redeeming Halloween : Costume Devotional Series!  In this post we are GOING BATTY!!! For 3 years in a row, by God’s grace, I managed to find at least one devotional activity to go along with the Halloween costume of choice for my boys.  The year they decided to be matching … Continue reading

The Heavens Proclaim His Glory Part 2 : Lessons from Space….by Susie

photo credit In my last post I had the honor of sharing on about my love for all things astronomy and the joy I find in pointing my boys to the glory of God through the wonder of  his creation  – especially through spending time admiring and standing in awe of the heavens.   I … Continue reading

Good Friday Dinner…by Susie

Can you relate to this? You LOVE the idea of being intentional when it comes to teaching your children the truths of the Bible and making family devotions a regular habit in your home, but its the planning and then the actual implementation of those plans that trips you up.  Me too.  That’s why you hear me say this over … Continue reading

Celebrating Epiphany…by Susie

January.  Its an odd month. The excitement of fresh starts combined with post-Christmas let down can make for a strange mix of emotions.   I truly adore the entire Advent season and I absolutely delight in sharing and starting Christmas traditions with my family.  I. LOVE. IT. ALL. Then again, its not unusual for me … Continue reading

By The Numbers: Guest Post by Amy!

Have you received your Samaritan’s Purse catalog?  Every year, we encourage the boys to give something, anything, to Jesus.  They gather what little they have and search the pages for what they can buy.  Usually a chicken, a Bible, sports balls, and a mosquito net are our gifts to the King.  See what one determined little … Continue reading

Redeeming Halloween: Let it Shine Lesson Plan {part 2} ….by Susie

October is almost over,  Halloween is around the corner, and with the sun dropping quickly in the evenings now, we have a precious 30-60 minutes of darkness before bedtime in which to play with all our glow-in-the-dark toys and slip in a lesson or two on Letting our Light Shine!  There is plenty of time … Continue reading

Grace wins…and Big Truths for Little Kids {a book recommendation} by Susie

It’s a beautiful summer morning.  I am sitting in my favorite chair, coffee in hand, waiting for the morning cobwebs to clear and my stiff ankles to loosen and I start to reflect on the morning so far. Once again I had managed to turn off my alarm in my sleep. I had intended to get … Continue reading

Citizenship in Heaven… by Susie

This summer will mark the 14th  anniversary of the day I crossed the Canada/US border at the Peace Arch and began a new chapter of my life here in the United States.  I was  following the love of my life into his land, ready to embrace his friends, his  family, his country.  It was harder … Continue reading

Saturate your Summer with Jesus…by Susie

Summer is our favorite time of year for us gals at RaisingDeepRoots.  We love how the slower schedules and break from daily routine free us up for summer adventures with our boys.  We are both planners and love to use the summer as a time to recalibrate our routines and rhythms and make the most … Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! by Susie

Susie's thanksgiving tree

Hurray for Fall! Hurray for Thanksgiving! Hurray for Holiday madness!   As someone who was an avid follower of RaisingDeepRoots LONG before I was ever a contributor, I just have to give a big shout out to Kell for all the wonderful work she put in this time last year posting all her great Thanksgiving and … Continue reading