The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! by Susie

Susie's thanksgiving tree

Hurray for Fall! Hurray for Thanksgiving! Hurray for Holiday madness!   As someone who was an avid follower of RaisingDeepRoots LONG before I was ever a contributor, I just have to give a big shout out to Kell for all the wonderful work she put in this time last year posting all her great Thanksgiving and … Continue reading

Another Woman’s Heart is my Blessing by Kell

I am expectant this year, eager for the coming Christ. My heart is ready to tread through the pages of Scripture in search of the King of Kings that the prophets spoke of. Their lives & words were windows into the very heart of our Father and I pray this Christmas they would be the … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: Advent. Part 1. Jesse Tree by Kell

I am so excited to share our month of December with you!  In our home we celebrate Advent, which means “coming” or “arrival” .  It is a way to help the kids grasp the meaning of the birth of Christ.  It is a time of joy and hope as we celebrate the Savior coming to … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: A Prayerful Month by Kell

It is almost December and I am always eager to see whose Christmas card will arrive first in the mail!  It’s usually the same family every year ;-)….and they do not have young kids in their home anymore!!!  We are lucky if we get cards out!  Last year, we got the greatest pictures taken and … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: Christmas, our new gift tradition! by Kell

We all come from different family traditions when it comes to Christmas.  Christian families range all over the map- some love the fun of Santa and all the American tradition of Christmas while others steer as far away from that as possible.  I grew up somewhere in the middle…the fun of Santa and the majesty … Continue reading

Book: Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper by Kell

There is nothing like having a child to send a surge of questions to ones heart and mind about the habits and traditions of a home.  What does our family look like?  What do we want our family to look like?  Who do we want these children to become?  And how do we help them … Continue reading

Book: Matt’s Begats by Kell

This post could be motivated by my obsession with Andrew Peterson (in the “wow, what an amazing artist” type of obsession in case you don’t know me well and need that clarification, ha!!!).  I figure anyone that can get me & my children psyched about the geneology of Christ is pretty much a super stud.  Yes people, … Continue reading