A Great Light Advent Devotional….by Amy

We are thrilled to have Amy back with a fantastic free advent resource!  It’s not too late to dive into it. Please consider giving to their family’s water fund if you download “A Great Light.”   The picture below is the beautiful quilted & felt awesomeness that Amy & her mom made to go along with … Continue reading

Celebrating Epiphany…by Susie

January.  Its an odd month. The excitement of fresh starts combined with post-Christmas let down can make for a strange mix of emotions.   I truly adore the entire Advent season and I absolutely delight in sharing and starting Christmas traditions with my family.  I. LOVE. IT. ALL. Then again, its not unusual for me … Continue reading

Operation Christmas Child : Build-a-box …by Susie

Guess what? It’s not too late!  It’s not too late!  You can still participate!!! Kellye and I were kicking ourselves at the end of November for not posting about Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe box ministry.  This fantastic organization will be delivering its 100 millionth box this year to a child living in poverty somewhere … Continue reading

Hosting a Happy Birthday Jesus Party by Susie

I’m writing this on the eve of hosting my 5th or so Happy Birthday Jesus Party.  My sweet five year old couldn’t fall asleep tonight he was so excited!  “Daddy, guess what tomorrow is?  It’s our happy birthday Jesus Party!”  And you know what friend?  I’m pretty excited too!  This one of those special times … Continue reading

An Advent Calendar Prayer…by Susie

Inspired by Ann Voskamp’s A Jesse Tree Advent Celebration- An Invitation to unwrap more of His Love, in which she writes: “…you may  have seen an advent calendar hanging some where today, one of those calendars with 25 little door flaps to peek under, a way of counting the days down until Christmas, a way of … Continue reading

Gift Giving Part 2: What’s in the bags?! by Kell

The bags.  Time with Jesus.  Rest for their little souls.  Peace from the boyness (aka punching, name calling, whining, and other *brotherly love*).  Oy.  Sometimes space is necessary.  For ALL of us. 😉 So here is how I did it and what is in them and I pray that this gift of meaning brings ALL … Continue reading

By The Numbers: Guest Post by Amy!

Have you received your Samaritan’s Purse catalog?  Every year, we encourage the boys to give something, anything, to Jesus.  They gather what little they have and search the pages for what they can buy.  Usually a chicken, a Bible, sports balls, and a mosquito net are our gifts to the King.  See what one determined little … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: Gift Giving by Kell

I folded up my thanks tree last night with a little sadness over our lack of completion.  Every year I tuck our thankful cards in an envelope and put them in a special box for one sad day when all my kids are at their in-laws for thanksgiving ;).  I felt a little shame or … Continue reading

Grieving yet celebrating : Post Christmas reflections by Susie

The Christmas tree just came down today.  I confess it wasn’t laziness or even busyness that kept the tree up this long into January but an honest desire to enjoy its beauty and to keep the celebration going a little longer.  You see,  we got a bit of a late start in experiencing the joy … Continue reading

Holiday Fun:Truth in the Tinsel by Susie

Source: http://www.truthinthetinsel.com So its Dec 13th which means we have 12 days until Christmas!  Whoo hoo!  I think technically the “Twelve days of Christmas” is really talking about the twelve days AFTER Christmas leading up to Epiphany, but just go with me on this one!   Both Kellye and I are HUGE fans of the … Continue reading