The Altar’d Year….By Kell

Welcome back to RDR!  We took a little break and now are gearing up for a NEW year.  And so it begins… This year will be named.  Named for a purpose, for a striving, for a goal.  One single goal where hundreds, maybe thousands of little goals will become a part of making the main … Continue reading

The Action Bible by Kell

People.  There has yet to be a children’s Bible that trumps The Jesus Storybook Bible for me.  Wait for it….wait for it.  Until my 8-year-old read SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE pages in TEN days.  Face buried in The Word.  The only time (not true statement) I have ever ignored the fact that he was ignoring me.  Or … Continue reading

Beatitudes for Mothers of Small Children

I’m so excited to share this BEAUTIFUL poem with you!   I have been so BLESSED to have the author of this poem in my life.  She is a dear woman who loves the Lord and has so much wisdom to share.  She regularly encourages me, challenges me and best of all, she loves on … Continue reading

Painting Through the Psalms by Susie

I am thrilled to announce a new author here at RaisingDeepRoots!  She is my beloved best friend, wife to Associate Pastor in Tiburon, CA, mom of two precious boys: Owen & Jake, physicist in a cancer institute (aka- total brain), lover of cooking & gardening, and an incredibly missions minded mama when in comes to family & … Continue reading

Book: Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper by Kell

There is nothing like having a child to send a surge of questions to ones heart and mind about the habits and traditions of a home.  What does our family look like?  What do we want our family to look like?  Who do we want these children to become?  And how do we help them … Continue reading

Bible Timeline: Part 1 The Very Good Beginning by Kell

I am super excited to share this resource and what we are doing with it through the end of the year!!!  Taking a close second place to The Jesus Storybook Bible on our must have list is The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm.  It is so great on many different levels. 1) My … Continue reading

Book: Going Public by Kell

“There’s never been a time when children could be successfully raised without sacrifice and discipline on the part of the parents.”  Elisabeth Elliot Over the past two years I have sincerely come to a place where I believe two things about education in our home. One: Homeschooling is not just a wonderful option, but it is our responsibility.  Two: … Continue reading

Book: My ABC Bible Verses by Kell

Scripture memory was such a vital and fruit bearing discipline in the early days of my following Christ.  While I ‘technically’ accepted Christ as my Savior during a youth retreat in January of my 8th grade year, I chose the world and my flesh over a life led by the Holy Spirit throughout my High … Continue reading

Book: Busting Boredom with Family Time by Kell

There is nothing like a lazy day in my mind….but for a 5, 3 & 1-year-old, there is little room for lounging on the hammock with a cup of tea & a book for 3 hours!!  I am the first to encourage the kids to have down time every day- a good book, some pretend play, a … Continue reading

Book: Matt’s Begats by Kell

This post could be motivated by my obsession with Andrew Peterson (in the “wow, what an amazing artist” type of obsession in case you don’t know me well and need that clarification, ha!!!).  I figure anyone that can get me & my children psyched about the geneology of Christ is pretty much a super stud.  Yes people, … Continue reading