Resource Recommendation: Root your Family in Love!

From time to time we love to highlight other fabulous blogs that share our same passion for equipping and encouraging parents to RAISE children with DEEP ROOTS in the word of God and the person of Jesus.  I’ve been enjoying Melissa Deming’s posts on her blog Hive Resources  for some time now and I’m happy … Continue reading

Good Friday Dinner…by Susie

Can you relate to this? You LOVE the idea of being intentional when it comes to teaching your children the truths of the Bible and making family devotions a regular habit in your home, but its the planning and then the actual implementation of those plans that trips you up.  Me too.  That’s why you hear me say this over … Continue reading

Holiday Fun: Gift Giving by Kell

I folded up my thanks tree last night with a little sadness over our lack of completion.  Every year I tuck our thankful cards in an envelope and put them in a special box for one sad day when all my kids are at their in-laws for thanksgiving ;).  I felt a little shame or … Continue reading

Introducing a new favorite…When You Rise by Susie

Drum roll please… We would like to introduce to you the latest addition to the RaisingDeepRoots list of blogs that are totally awesome, that we just can’t recommend highly enough, and that inspire and encourage us !  Please say hello to WhenYouRise!  In all seriousness friends,  I cannot recommend this blog enough.  Every time I … Continue reading

Another Woman’s Heart is my Blessing by Kell

I am expectant this year, eager for the coming Christ. My heart is ready to tread through the pages of Scripture in search of the King of Kings that the prophets spoke of. Their lives & words were windows into the very heart of our Father and I pray this Christmas they would be the … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: W Week

Welcome to W week (though I’m blogging about it a week late!!)!  I really loved the family time that came out of W.  We took the kids with us to worship on Sunday morning.  Our church offers Sunday school for birth- sixth graders but our 1st-6th graders join the adults for the first part of the … Continue reading

Blogs to Mill Over…

I have added three new blogs to the right that I just have to share!  They are all great blogs on building “deep roots” in your children for Christ and you will be greatly encouraged & spurred on by these awesome mama’s and their passion for their kiddos! 1) Full Hands & Ready Feet is … Continue reading