Bible Timeline Part 4: God’s Big Promise by Kell

Well it is “Timeline Tuesday” around these parts ;-)!!  We have been doing this for weeks and I can’t seem to get myself in gear these days to post them so I have about 5 weeks worth of Timeline’s to share! God’s Big Promise is about His promise to make Abraham into a great nation….Abraham’s … Continue reading

Pace & Rhythm of Your Own by Kell

Pace & Rhythm has been a focus in our church lately.  What is healthy?  What is habit?  What is necessary?  What is not?  How does pace and rhythm look in the home, in the church, in mission, in everyday life? We have seasons in our home.  Seasons where being busy is welcomed, enjoyed, and brings energy into the … Continue reading

Bible Timeline: Part 3 Life Outside the Garden by Kell

Yesterday, we dug into the Word for Part 3 of our Bible Timeline: Outside the Garden.  The Big Picture Bible focus’ on two main parts in this section: how horrible life was outside of Eden and how God began the first rescue plan through Noah, the obedient one, and his family.  We focused on how the … Continue reading

Bible Timeline: Part 2 A Very Sad Day by Kell

If I am going to buy a store-bought cookie, it is going to be a Milano raspberry one.  That’s what I’m indulging in as I write….just in case you were wondering…even though you probably aren’t.  I still wanted to put that out there.  I do love Oreos…but self control flies out the window with those … Continue reading

Bible Timeline: Part 1 The Very Good Beginning by Kell

I am super excited to share this resource and what we are doing with it through the end of the year!!!  Taking a close second place to The Jesus Storybook Bible on our must have list is The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm.  It is so great on many different levels. 1) My … Continue reading