Alphabet Adventure: V Week

What is a mother to do when V week comes around??!!  Take every opportunity to VEGGIE it up!!  Oh yes, we had a week full of vegetables!  For our faith lesson, we chatted all week about how our bodies are God’s temple.  I tried my best to give them a child like understanding of God’s … Continue reading

Alphabet Box: The Fun by Kell

Now, what do we do with this alphabet obsession box?  The first 5 games are from the previously mentioned Mari-Ann with Counting Coconuts (labeled by CC) and the last few are ones that we have come up with as we go.  I’m sure there are more to come so stay tuned! One Drawer at a Time … Continue reading

Alphabet Box: The Box by Kell

This is SO NOT my idea!!  I give all credit to the fantastic & gifted Mary-Ann from Counting Coconuts for her idea and to my fabulous friend Amy for putting up with my madness and finding little items for our boxes week after week!  I am really just good at being a copy cat these days!  I got … Continue reading