Alphabet Adventure Giveaway!!

  Giveaway Closed! Congrats to the Winner: Kristin McNeil!!! In celebration of the end of our Alphabet Adventure I am doing my first giveaway!!!  These are four books that we have used with our A to Z fun!  Eating the Alphabet: Fruits & vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert, B is for Bulldozer: … Continue reading

Alphabet Books: Master List

On your way to the Library in search for books that go with your Letter of the Week?  I have compiled all my findings thus far (with a few letters missing) if you want a handy list of things to look for or request.   Let me know if you find good ones not of the … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: Z Week

I might be grieving the end of our alphabet adventure a little!!  We have had the BEST time ever!!  Daniel & I have been thinking through what’s next so stay tuned!  In the meantime, I will have my first giveaway in celebration of the end of the alphabet, and some new posts….missions, hospitality, mentors, accountability … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: Y Week

Y has been a great week for crafting around here!  We made our Y with Yellow Yarn & Yellow Stars.  We made yellow homemade play dough with lemon scent!!  The boys loved how warm it was right off the stove top & have continued to play with this all week.  We started out with cookie cutters that had yellow themes … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: X Week

Well, WHAT can you do with X??!!  Very little I realized ;-).  Our X was made out of foam pages cut into strips to make a xylophone.  We have a wooden xylophone and if I would have been really on top of it I would have had them pattern the colors to match the xylophone…but I wasn’t.  … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: W Week

Welcome to W week (though I’m blogging about it a week late!!)!  I really loved the family time that came out of W.  We took the kids with us to worship on Sunday morning.  Our church offers Sunday school for birth- sixth graders but our 1st-6th graders join the adults for the first part of the … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: V Week

What is a mother to do when V week comes around??!!  Take every opportunity to VEGGIE it up!!  Oh yes, we had a week full of vegetables!  For our faith lesson, we chatted all week about how our bodies are God’s temple.  I tried my best to give them a child like understanding of God’s … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: U Week

The back to school bugs came to my house and bit me.  I am sick, boooo.  But the oldest had the best start to Kinder last week and he is going strong….a little tired, but strong.  I knew he was going to be head over heels for it all.  Mama on the other hand is EXHAUSTED!!  … Continue reading

Alphabet Box: The Fun by Kell

Now, what do we do with this alphabet obsession box?  The first 5 games are from the previously mentioned Mari-Ann with Counting Coconuts (labeled by CC) and the last few are ones that we have come up with as we go.  I’m sure there are more to come so stay tuned! One Drawer at a Time … Continue reading

Alphabet Box: The Box by Kell

This is SO NOT my idea!!  I give all credit to the fantastic & gifted Mary-Ann from Counting Coconuts for her idea and to my fabulous friend Amy for putting up with my madness and finding little items for our boxes week after week!  I am really just good at being a copy cat these days!  I got … Continue reading