Revisiting Leap Day: An Extra Day to Experience the Fullness God!…by Susie

Hi Friends,  I hope you enjoy this post I edited from the archives.   In a last-minute attempt to have some fun with Leap Day I whipped out a batch of healthy muffins so I can pull together an edible clock for the family. How about some cornbread muffins with your chili tonight?  Reading this too late to make it happen today?  Just go ahead and celebrate tomorrow by reflecting on how today went.

cupcake clock

I am curious if you ever have the following thoughts…. “If only I could make the clock stop ticking for just a little bit”.  Or  “if only I could make time stand still.”  Or ” if I could just squeeze a couple more hours out of my day”.  Any of these sound familiar?

Personally, I’m not particularly interested in having more time when I make a statement such as this, rather I am sincerely wishing that the world would actually be put in some sort of freeze frame while I get to busily work along, unhindered by interruptions and obligations so that I can catch up! I have to be the only one with this privilege so that I can actually accomplish some things while the rest of life waits on me!


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