The Prayer “Calendar” : Inviting our children into corporate prayer….by Susie

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For many churches, the summer season brings with it an abundance of mission trip activities and opportunities.  This summer our church has 3 mission trips planned – one for adults, one for our youth, and one for FAMILIES!!!  {TOTALLY. GEEKING. OUT! }  I have been praying since my babies were well…babies that we would have the opportunity to participate in a mission trip as a family and so I’m presently doing the happy dance and praising God for answering my prayer.  More about this later!

During my husband’s two week mission trip to Africa a few years ago, I was immensely comforted and blessed to know that my church family committed to pray for my hubby and the entire missions team every hour of their two week trip. Thank you to those of you who signed up for those 2:00am, 3:00am , 4:00am time slots!!!   Ugh!  You are amazing!    And while I know some adventurous people take their young kiddos off to Africa for missions, I wasn’t prepared to do so!!!

We all know we can’t go on every trip or participate in every service project but my heart deeply desired to invite my children into one of the most beautiful aspects of church community – Corporate prayer.  Oh the beautiful sound of voices lifted up in unity of heart and spirit.  To quote Laura Lee Groves:

“Corporate prayer—praying together as a family or a church—is important. It’s how we “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). It’s an awesome time to show our children that we stand united, as a family, before God”

I wanted something visual and tactile for my boys to do as we joined with our church family in prayer and thus the Prayer Calendar was born! Each morning over breakfast, I’d ask one the boys to run over to the calendar and pick out the day’s prayer request.  They absolutely delighted in having their turn to get the card and read it out loud. SWEET SUCCESS!!!

Supplies Needed:

prayer calendar making

Poster board {I love vibrant colors so as to catch our eyes}

Library pockets – the self adhesive kind make it super duper easy.  I bought a bulk box from Lakeshore Learning and use them constantly and I have PLENTY to share with my friends.

Index cards

Good markers or sharpies

prayer calendar

prayercalendar close up

Yes, it’s that easy!

 Here is what our family mission week-long prayer calendar looked like:

FTWFu calendar


And by the way, California peeps, if you are looking for an amazing ministry for your church to participate in – and one that is VERY family friendly – check out  “Feeding Those Who Feed Us”.


 {Hopefully a post in the future about that!}

Here is a brain storm of a few other ways to invite your children into corporate prayer:

1) Take your church prayer meeting requests and create a weekly prayer calendar that you can update with new index cards each week.

2) Have a church or family member battling cancer or other illness?  Create a treatment prayer calendar.

3) Big outreach or other event coming up at your church?  Make a count down prayer calendar.

4) Make weekly calendar to pray for church staff and other ministry leaders.

What other ideas to have to share with us?



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