The day AFTER Mother’s Day by Kell

Mother’s Day.
It’s THE day.
Probably the only day.
A mother can take off from poopy diapers, dishes, cooking, laundry, getting up early, and at least 500 other tasks totally guilt free.
She is celebrated.
Treated like the gift that she is.
I totally felt that. Minus the fact that my overly honest child made sure to remind me, and I quote “I am sorey for all the thegs that I have du wrog. Evin you have dun it to but we all sin.”
Thank you darling child for making sure I was reminded how HUMAN I am when I am feeling all queen-like as I sleep in and breakfast is waiting for me.
Let’s just call it a precursor to the day AFTER Mother’s Day when I feel more human than EVER….

What is it about the day after? I find it to be maybe the worst day ever in the whole entire year. I mean. I had to wake up and FEED people. And DO things. Wondering the ENTIRE time where yesterday went??????? For the LOVE can we rewind and have a groundhog moment please dear God???!!!! Instead of that happening. I SPILLED RICE CRISPIES within the first 10 minutes of my day. That is possibly the worst cereal to spill ever. And I just left it there for at least 3 hours. When the almost 3 year old was eating it off the floor as his mid morning snack, I thought that was my cue that maybe I needed to touch the broom. With my hand. And use it. So incredibly sad. And as I changed the sheets on the beds, cleaned the toilets, made a dent in the laundry, and vacuumed the floors, the almost three year old told me I was broken and needed to be fixed with tools. So I laid down. And let him fix me.

Yes, child. I am broken. I have done things wrong. And maybe one of the best things I have offered you as a mom is showing you just that. That we moms, while strong and selfless and in love with every inch of the tiny people at our feet, we fall short in 1,000 ways. And grace covers us anyways. Thanks be to God.

2 Responses to “The day AFTER Mother’s Day by Kell”
  1. Jennifer says:

    I feel it too Kell! Right back into it- back into the daily grind. I do love my family so much and I do love taking care of them! But the extra attention on Mother’s Day…I love that too! :0)

  2. As usual Kell! Right on the mark!!!

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