Resurrection Garden Pictures from our Readers!

Do you know how wonderful you all are?  After we posted the Easter Garden {With a Lego People Twist!} by the wonderful Miss Sarah, our Facebook feed went crazy with notifications from you encouragers posting pictures of your awesome Easter Gardens!  For a week my cell phone beeped happily as text images popped up on the screen.  I wish I could have reached into my phone and hugged each one of your necks!  Seriously friends, THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS! To spur one another on in this discipleship journey of the precious treasures our Lord has entrusted to us.  Thanks for the reminder to keep on keeping on!

easter garden Kellye

{Can.Not.Handle that look on Nate’s face, looking as though he’s peeking around the corner of the picture frame!  I want to just run over and tickle that boy ’til he can’t breathe he’s laughing so hard!}

We had pictures sent from friends close by:


And our hearts leapt when we heard from beloved friends halfway-across-the-world far away….

EAster garden Karissa 1

Easter Garden Karissa 2

 And we LOVED seeing your play mobile and Lego people getting in on the action!

easter garden carrie


easter garden hannah 3

EAster garden Hannah 1

easter garden hannah 2

Easter Garden Hannah

My own boys loved our garden,  and as Sarah predicted in her post, they came back to the garden daily to play and act out the story leading up to the crucifixion.  The best part was how they asked me question after question wanting to clarify the how, when and why of each of the events leading up to the resurrection.

EAster garden susie 2012


Palm Sunday 🙂


Good Friday


And Yes, we were one of THOSE families – in which the kids wanted to act it out fully!


And while this scene might seem disturbing…it absolutely added to the celebration we had on Easter morning when we awoke to this:

empty tomb garden

And oh how I love this idea :
“This year thinking of making one to give to a friend who loves gardening and doesn’t know Christ but is very open…thinking it may be a fun gift for our family to make another one of together for whomever God puts on our heart that year and pray for them together and give it away.”
 Love it !
 Give a Garden!

So go ahead, post your Resurrection Garden Pictures!  Tag us, Text us, Email us and we’ll grab your photos and add them to this post!

Happy Holy Week friends!

{P.S.  If you are heading out to grab your garden supplies,

check out this post on the Good Friday Dinner to make out grocery list too!}

Susie and Kellye
easter garden carrie2

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