Easter Lesson Plan: The Empty Tomb…by Susie

Christmas might be the most wonderful time of the year, but Easter is absolutely my most favorite time of the year!!! Last year I intentionally tried to put as much effort into our Easter Celebrations as I have in the past for Christmas.  After all what is Christmas worth if we never have Easter?  

  Over the years of teaching Sunday school, I’ve come across various themes that help explain the resurrection of Christ and what His triumph over death means for us.  This year, the clear emphasize that emerged was that of  the empty tomb.

“He is not here; he has risen,  just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.” Matthew 28:6

I thought I’d simply put all the resources together that I used last year for easy reference and access for your Easter celebrations this year.  Simply click on the images for instructions or free printouts for each of these fabulous activities!  Thank you to all the other wonderful ministries and blogging mammas whose passion for teaching children have provided these great resources. 

First off, you know we loved using our Easter Garden and acting out the Biblical account using our Lego and Playmobile people.  Here is what my boys woke to find had happened in our garden on Easter morning 🙂

empty tomb garden

Breakfast consisted of these super fun twist on the popular Resurrection roles – Rainbow colored ones! Thank you Catholic Icing for the inspiration!  I originally found the recipe and some great devotional question to ask your kids as you make, bake and enjoy these treats from Kelli Trujillo in her book Faith Filled Moments.


I fell in love with the great Sunday school activity from Jenae of  I Can Teach My Child!  Huge hit with the kindergarteners in my class but this would be great activity to do with your kids at home too!


And in the event you felt your children haven’t eaten enough Easter treats, you must make these adorable easter treats!  Thank you again, Lacy of Catholic Icing.  We had a blast making these together in Sunday School.  {Yes parent friends, it was me who ruined your child’s lunch last Easter Sunday!!!  :)}

empty tomb snack religious easter

And who can resist the surprise empty egg favorite of Family Life’s amazing resource Resurrection Eggs?  We’ve been using this resource for over 5 years now and my kids still adore them.  Without fail, children LOVE these.

resurrection eggs

Finally, I inserted this great coloring page from Ministry-to-Children into the bulletin our older children use to participate in the worship service.


I just loved how everything tied together perfectly. The tomb is empty!  Jesus is not dead!  He’s alive! He is not here!  He is Risen just as he said.  Oh He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!


P.S. This year I want to focus on Jesus,  the “Lamb of God”.   Got any resources or ideas to share with us?



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