Babies on the Brain…by Susie

Remember THAT POST way back in February?  The one called WE ARE GROWING.  The one that got a ton of hits from Facebook because you just couldn’t help but wonder if one of us was pregnant?  The one in which Kellye emphatically announced that neither of us was pregnant but rather we were eagerly revamping our website instead?  Ha ha ha!  God has a fabulous sense of humor!  Umm…unbeknownst to Kellye, as she wrote that post, she was in fact PREGNANT!

pregnant kellye

So we are rejoicing in the anticipated arrival of baby root #5 for Kellye and #7 between the two of us.  And well, it seems this blog won’t be just focussed on things for boys mammas as we, I mean she, is finally getting her baby GIRL! EEK!!!  We are seriously getting our pink and frills on!!!

Will you join us in praying for healthy mommy and baby in just a few short days?

Add to that, the fact that at my church 7 babies have been born this year, several far away friends have babies on the way and with more pregnancies announced, suffice it say we have BABIES on the BRAIN! And so I’m delighted to share with you all that we’ve decided to put together a little series on babyhood!  Some posts you have to look forward include a devotional recommendation for new moms, our vote for best Baby Bible, our favorite lullaby CD, some thoughts on spiritual survival for moms, and more!

And as for the revamp…we ran into a few glitches but we still have lots of plans and hopes and dreams, it’s just that we are going to focus on our new root for a while.  It’s hard to believe that both our oldest boys will be having double-digit birthdays this upcoming year and now we add a BABY back into the mix.  I’m beyond delighted.  Looks like we’ll have the full spectrum of baby, toddler, preschooler, elementary, and preteen material to share with you all!  Lots of fun to be had and to share 🙂


“Auntie Susie”


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