Back to School Prayers {and a printable!!} …by Susie


Last week I hosted a “back to school” prayer night for moms and others in my church who wanted to pray for the children in their lives and those that teach them.  There is something about the start of new school year that fills me with both hope and angst!  Fresh starts and new beginnings are like that aren’t they?  So much hope for what could be and so much to be tempted to worry about.  All summer long I carry around a little journal in which I jot down my hopes and dreams and worries about the impending school year and offer up those hopes to God and attempt to cast those worries upon Him.  Come September, my heart is practically bursting with eagerness to share these prayer requests with beloved friends and to recruit more pray-ers on behalf of my children  – and me!

I was delighted with the plans for the evenings.  Praying over friends who are teachers and the beautiful influence they have on the lives of children.  Praying with friends for our children, grandchildren and other beloved ones in our lives.  A bulletin board full of their precious faces that we might gaze upon them as we joined our voices together.

I confess I began to feel a little discouraged when the RSVPs came in as a little trickle but oh how the Lord perfectly ordained the outcome.  I wasn’t surprised about who sat in my living-room that evening.  It was those with whom I had already shared deeply the joys and heartaches of parenting over the years.  It was those with whom I had already spent time together on long walks or on bent knees and with hands held together for the sake of our children.  Sometimes you have to taste something to know how good it is.

Earlier this year I was inspired by Jenae, of, in which she chose a scripture verse to prayer over each of her children for the year.  I love these adorable prayer handprints! 


I had chosen Luke 2:52  – ” And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” – as my verse for my oldest child.  It describes four areas of personhood that I desired to see him grow in.  {And if it was good for Jesus then its good for my boys, right? 🙂 }

Wisdom – intellectual growth

Stature – Physical growth

Favor with God – Spiritual growth

 Favor with People – relational growth

And so this became the focus verse for our back-to-school night!  I even made a prayer sheet for each mom to write down a specific prayer request that fell into one of the above categories.  I’m not terribly gifted in the graphic design department but I was pretty pleased with how they turned out!  What do you think?


I even created versions in different shades so that we could have our prayer sheets color-coded for easy visual reference for the different children in our lives.

 I’m excited to offer RaisingDeepRoots’ first printable !  Yay!  Just simply click on the links below and feel free to print out your own copy to use in any way you desire.  Slip these prayer sheets into journals or Bibles or set them by your bedside table or stuff ’em in your purse for easy and frequent reference. Maybe you’ll even you decide to open your home and host a prayer night of your own.   You and  your friends and your children will be blessed.  I know I was 🙂






Praying along with you!


6 Responses to “Back to School Prayers {and a printable!!} …by Susie”
  1. Melissa says:

    WoW! I love this so much–thank you for sharing!!

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