The Heavens Proclaim his Glory ….by Susie

I am doubly excited about this post today.  First, I get to share about one of my great loves – the heavens!  Suns and moons and stars! oh my!  nebulae and galaxies and quasars! oh my!   You may or may not know that although I studied medical physics in grad school,  my undergraduate degree is in physics and astronomy.   So I’m a bit of a star-gazing nerd 🙂  


{The Small Magellanic Cloud is a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. It contains this group of baby stars that are still forming from collapsing gas clouds and have not yet ignited their hydrogen fuel.}

photo credit

Second, I am beyond delighted to be guest blogging over at WhenYouRise.  I have been a long time fan of the fabulous blog and Desire’ has ministered to me and my family many times over, and has become a sweet friend to me. I’m especially grateful to be able to give back a little to her and her ministry here – especially right now while she cares for her three week old baby boy Caleb who underwent heart surgery for a heart defect on Friday March 22nd.  Won’t you please keep this darling boy and his amazing mom in your prayers? Like the Pray for Caleb facebook page for prayer updates.   Once you’ve done that , won’t you come back to here to  join us over at Desire’s blog  at WhenYouRise for my post on “The Heavens Proclaim his Glory”?  See you there!  




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