Resource Recommendation: Get a Sense of the Resurrection

Hi Friends,

Kellye and I were thrilled with so many of you giving us the “thumbs up ” on our announcement that there will soon be a new and improved RaisingDeepRoots.  Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and enthusiasm!  

One of our great joys is to share with you other wonderful resources that we have discovered.  We’ve mentioned Amanda of before (previously and I’m pleased to send you over to her blog once again. Last year Amanda put together 10 days of activities leading up to Easter based on the five senses!


We have a busy March this year so I’ve picked out only 6 of these activities to do with the boys and I’m especially delighted with how simple but obviously powerful these will be. {Who else could use more “simple but powerful” in their lives these days? } What could be better than opening up the Bible, reading a passage of scripture with your kids, and then taking an additional 5-15 minutes to interact with the story using our God given-senses to cement the story into our memories?  I’m super excited!  Won’t you come along?  {Just click on the image above.}

May the Resurrection Story come alive in new ways for you and your family this year! Oh …and Thanks Amanda!



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