We are growing….by Kell

NO. NO, NO, NO. I am NOT having a baby. IIIIII am not growing. And neither is Susie. WE are growing!!!!! Raisingdeeproots is officially getting a professional makeover. In all honesty, by December of 2012 we were at that point were we were begging God to show us if this was the end of our RDR journey or if the Lord was asking us to continue on. He is always faithful to answer, to place the right people with the right words at the right times. So some of our silence has not been lazy (okay maybe a little bit of that) but we have been busy little bees thinking, dreaming, planning, and most of all praying. Our attention has been on the new sight and gearing up for new posts and a year of Rooting our homes in Jesus. We sincerely can’t wait to share it with you all and see what the Lord has in store for all of our friendships, homes, churches, and communities. When its all ready, we promise, you will be the first to know.  (insert geeking out!!!)

So yes, it will be READABLE, no more gray text over bright big pictures.  It will be easy to navigate.  You will be able to find that one resource you noted to buy as soon as he/she turned 4, or that string of posts that could change your summer insanity into sacred days.  You will be able to quickly share posts, find us on fb or twitter, and well, we will just have a ball dreaming together and sharing what God is doing in ALL our homes.  Eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!!   

We love you all and are thankful for your commitment to our tiny little blog & growing hearts for Jesus.


2 Responses to “We are growing….by Kell”
  1. Audrey says:

    Yay! LOVE reading your blog, it has always been a sweet enouragement and help to me. Thanks you for YOUR ministry and allowing God to use your words and wisdom to bless me and others! Can’t wait to see the updated site!

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