A Suggestion for Getting the Most out of a Fresh Start in 2013…by Susie

Wow!  It’s already nearing the END of January.  So much for a TIMELY post about the enthusiasm that comes with the start of New Year and all the hopes and dream that come with it.  Alas,  I need a LONG time to meditate on things and honestly, my heart isn’t as teachable as I like … Continue reading

Celebrating Epiphany…by Susie

January.  Its an odd month. The excitement of fresh starts combined with post-Christmas let down can make for a strange mix of emotions.   I truly adore the entire Advent season and I absolutely delight in sharing and starting Christmas traditions with my family.  I. LOVE. IT. ALL. Then again, its not unusual for me … Continue reading

The Altar’d Year….By Kell

Welcome back to RDR!  We took a little break and now are gearing up for a NEW year.  And so it begins… This year will be named.  Named for a purpose, for a striving, for a goal.  One single goal where hundreds, maybe thousands of little goals will become a part of making the main … Continue reading