Operation Christmas Child : Build-a-box …by Susie

Guess what? It’s not too late!  It’s not too late!  You can still participate!!!

Kellye and I were kicking ourselves at the end of November for not posting about Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe box ministry.  This fantastic organization will be delivering its 100 millionth box this year to a child living in poverty somewhere around this globe. Although the deadline for packing a physical shoebox is long gone, I just discovered that it’s not too late to pack a virtual shoebox!  You can still build-a-box online for a $30 donation!  So grab your laptop, your kids, and click on this link to bless a child with the Love of Jesus and the Hope of Christmas!


I highly recommend also checking out some of the videos on the website.  Honestly, my children did not have generous hearts while we were at the store picking out items to buy for our shoeboxes.  We were even using their designated “give” funds from their allowance.   “Oh can I have a monster truck too?”  “These socks are so fuzzy – I want to keep them.”  “Mommy these markers are great!  I don’t want to give them away.”  Ugh!   Sigh! Once home, each of my boys packed up their boxes with the treasures we had picked out and I could tell they had resigned themselves to HAVING to give it all away. Then we watched videos of children in poverty-stricken villages shouting and smiling and rejoicing over these simple boxes filled with toys for them.  

HEART TRANSFORMATION!  “Can we send more boxes mom?”     🙂

Click Here for a good video to start with. Oh and just as a warning…we spent a LONG time watching as many videos as we could find because it was so wonderful to see all those smiling children’s faces receiving their gift boxes, given in the name and love of Jesus.

Happy virtual shoe box packing!



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