Gift Giving Part 2: What’s in the bags?! by Kell

The bags.  Time with Jesus.  Rest for their little souls.  Peace from the boyness (aka punching, name calling, whining, and other *brotherly love*).  Oy.  Sometimes space is necessary.  For ALL of us. 😉 So here is how I did it and what is in them and I pray that this gift of meaning brings ALL of the above to your homes dear friends.

I bought the small canvas bags at Hobby Lobby and painted a gray square on them with fabric paint and when that dried, a stripe in the middle of each.  My friend down the street embroidered them with the words “prayer, character, and wisdom.”  I bought a three pack of journals in the same orange/green/blue at Target and put one journal and pen in each bag.  Sometimes we just need to write or draw out our anger, I figure they are the same :0.  Now for each bags contents…most of them were bought at  I’m sure they have all sorts of new things you could get along the same lines :), there is a range of books for all ages in each bag.


Prayer for a Child

Prayer for a Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lakeshore Learning has these Kids Around the World Block People to encourage praying for the nations.  The kids love these.

Books: Precious in His Sight by David Dobson, Kids Praying for Kids by Franklin Graham, The Berenstain Bears Say Their Prayers, Prayer for a Child by Rachel Rield, I Can Pray by Jennifer Holder and Diane Stortz (Happy Day Books), My 1st Book of Bible Prayers by Philip Ross

I also have several sheets on country’s that I printed off from different missions websites.  We also have several seminary friends that we pray for so all of their pictures and newsletters go in this bag.


Books: My 1st Book of Questions and Answers by Carine Mackenzi, My 1st Book of Christian Values by Carine Mackenzie, My Utmost for His Highest kids edition Jesus Wants All of Me Adapted by Phil A. Smouse, Big Truths for Little Kids by Susan Hunt & Richie Hunt, The ABC Bible Verse Book by Deedra Scherm, My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt, The Lost Son from Zonderkids I Can Read!

Cover of "The Berenstain Bears Hug and Ma...

Cover of The Berenstain Bears Hug and Make Up


Books: Be Kind Be Sweet by Tricia Lowenfield (a local artist/pastors wife), Dan Carr’s “God, I Need to Talk to You about” series (topics include Bad Words, Whining, My Bad Temper, Lying, Paying Attention), The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Influence, The Berenstain Bears Hug and Make Up, The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight, God Loves You Barnabas by Royden Lepp, Prickle Says I’m Sorry by Lisa Wilkinson, Jake Learns to Share by Crystal Bowman, A Child’s Book of Manners by Ruth Shannon Odor, Frank and Beans and the Grouchy Neighbor by Kathy-jo Wargin.

I also have a page that has “Habits of the Heart.”  I could type it up if anyone is interested!

We have added over the year….as I said before I can’t refuse a good book for the kids ;).  Enjoy friends and love every bit of heart change they bring your littles (and quiet they bring you!!!).

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