Holiday Fun: Gift Giving by Kell

I folded up my thanks tree last night with a little sadness over our lack of completion.  Every year I tuck our thankful cards in an envelope and put them in a special box for one sad day when all my kids are at their in-laws for thanksgiving ;).  I felt a little shame or guilt or something NOT good as I sadly tucked 7 cards in an envelope.  I think back on the month of sick kids and sick mommy and how little we thanked the Lord during those long hard days.  Boo.  Lots more growth, please Lord Jesus change us.

But in its place I put up our Jesse Tree courtesy of Ann Voskamp’s awesome resource and my heart swelled with hope.  In the midst of all the giving this year- presents and other things….like our lives….the Jesse Tree makes giving TRUTH the priority in our home.  Have you ever thought about the way you give and what you give to your children for Christmas?   Has giving truth ever been a part of your Christmas gifting?

My beautiful sister-in-law started a tradition when her children were young to keep giving purposeful and we have adapted it to our family over the last several years.  Gift of Time.  Gift of Wonder.  Gift of Usefulness.  3 gifts, enough for Jesus, enough for us.  The Gift of Time is just that, maybe a special mom & dad date to an awesome museum for your science lover, a family trip if you just need to get away together, a special sports game with dad, and so on.  Tailor it as you wish for each specific child and it will be something they look forward to every year.  Gift of Wonder is always a toy :)!  Gift of Usefulness is something they need.  Last year one got new sheets for their bed (star wars!!), one a clock, and one something to decorate a wall in their room (a poster of superheros!- not sure how useful that is but you get the point).

Two years ago we added a Gift of Meaning.  Not that we need more but I don’t buy for my kids other than Birthdays and Christmas (and really I can’t turn books down no matter what time of year it is) so I like an excuse for some good Jesus saturated literature under the tree too!  So a book, devo, new Bible, something that is going to strengthen the heart.  Last year I did three bags as a gift to all three kiddos.  We use these all the time- especially when the kids need a quiet moment away from everyone else.  “Go get a bag and spend some quiet time with Jesus” is a part of most weeks for all small screaming, fighting, tantrum throwing littles.  “Get a bag child, get a bag!!!!” is maybe how it really comes out of my mouth!  Bags are as follows: Character, Wisdom, Prayer.  Maybe I will make a whole post for what is IN the bags.  Would that be helpful?!  Here is a start at least so you can see what our Gifts of Meaning were last year.  They are perfect for the littles. 

Because giving is better than receiving.  xxoo Kell


3 Responses to “Holiday Fun: Gift Giving by Kell”
  1. Bethany Johnson Bergman says:

    I would love a post on what is in the bags!!!

  2. Susie says:

    The “get a bag child! Get a bag! ” CRACKED me up!! This is fab Kell. Yes please- post on what’s IN the bags would be great and how you made those cute labels, where did you find bags etc.

  3. may says:

    yes, what goes i those bags would be helpful!! we have plenty of bags ready to go!! thanks!!

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