The Action Bible by Kell

People.  There has yet to be a children’s Bible that trumps The Jesus Storybook Bible for me.  Wait for it….wait for it.  Until my 8-year-old read SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE pages in TEN days.  Face buried in The Word.  The only time (not true statement) I have ever ignored the fact that he was ignoring me.  Or that fact that he was up all hours of the night on school nights due to complete captivation.  I will take it and share it.  If you have a reading boy in your life, this is a must have Christmas gift, Birthday gift, anything gift.  Give it away at every chance you get. Give.  Give.  Give.  The Action Bible

One Response to “The Action Bible by Kell”
  1. Susie says:

    The video on the website is adorable! Our church gives these out to the kids who can recite all the books of the Bible. It’s been great incentive. The girls love it too!!

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