The Daily Give by Kell

I find God’s brilliance pretty astounding and his understanding of my lack of understanding humbling.  Sometimes I look at the calendar and think of days and weeks, the to- do lists and obligations.  And sometimes I look at how the Lord orchestrated the year for my wandering heart.  Who knows the mind of man but the Lord?  I find it beautiful that November leads us to December.  That a month bathed in gratitude can lead the way into a month of giving.  That from our thanks and praise of his mighty works comes responsibility and action to give our lives away.  If everyday the song of salvation in upon my lips this month, then there is an appropriate response.  The daily give.

“What can I give?”has been plastered on every wrist and on every heart that has been in and out of our doors at church (a sermon well worth your attention) for the last few weeks.  And rightly so.  We are studying Hebrews, examining Jesus, the One who gave everything.  Everything.  To sick people, to dying people, to hungry people, to poor people, friends, family, strangers, men, women, to EVERY PERSON he came in contact with.  He gave his life away.  Daily and eternally.  And if we want to be like Jesus, then it is our high calling & deepest joy to give our lives away.  My time, my talents, my sin, my joy, my pride, my money, laid down for others to see & know Jesus.  We are asking, “what would God do with a church saturated in the humility of Jesus.”  And in turn, for me, for any mom, how would the places we have influence change with even a fraction of the humility of Jesus.

The Daily Give is our response to the reality that the Creator of the world came as a humble babe for our salvation.  What if we awoke every morning begging for the reality of Jesus’ humility to be our own.  Do you see the depth of the cross friends?  Jesus is King with every holy right and privilege to be worshiped and praised and lifted up to the highest place…..yet, he HUMBLED himself.  He came as a baby, he washed the feet of those he loved, he give his time and energy to all, he gave his whole life on the cross that we may be saved.  What if we took November and December and asked God to cause our worship and praise of Him to result in something.  A pure abandonment to humility.  A daily give of our lives to all.   What could God do with that?  And what would our children see?  What kind of foundation would it lay if the center of our lives were to give ourselves up?

November leads us into December…

Thanks leads us to Giving…

Around Raisingdeeproots in the coming months, we pray we can lead the way in the daily give.  You will find posts on ways to lead your children in praise, resources to bless others with throughout the season, things we are attempting by God’s grace in our homes to teach our own what it means to follow Jesus, and I’m sure there in the mix will be our struggles and the reality of how selfish we really are.  Join us in the journey beloved friends.

2 months of daily give could spur on a lifetime bathed in the humility of Jesus…..

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