Holiday Fun: Gift Giving by Kell

I folded up my thanks tree last night with a little sadness over our lack of completion.  Every year I tuck our thankful cards in an envelope and put them in a special box for one sad day when all my kids are at their in-laws for thanksgiving ;).  I felt a little shame or … Continue reading

Ask We Whooo music series!…..Guest post by Amy

I am THRILLED to share we have a guest post today by one of my nearest and dearest mommy friends.  Transplanted from Florida to Texas, mom of 4 littles, part home schooler, lover of all things women’s ministry & english & ohhhhhhhhh, how you would love her scratch made chunky cheese bread!!  She is a true … Continue reading

The Action Bible by Kell

People.  There has yet to be a children’s Bible that trumps The Jesus Storybook Bible for me.  Wait for it….wait for it.  Until my 8-year-old read SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE pages in TEN days.  Face buried in The Word.  The only time (not true statement) I have ever ignored the fact that he was ignoring me.  Or … Continue reading

The Daily Give by Kell

I find God’s brilliance pretty astounding and his understanding of my lack of understanding humbling.  Sometimes I look at the calendar and think of days and weeks, the to- do lists and obligations.  And sometimes I look at how the Lord orchestrated the year for my wandering heart.  Who knows the mind of man but the … Continue reading