So eager to train but how often do I listen?…by Susie

I abandoned a living room of friends tonight.  Friends for whom I had straightened up the house. Friends for whom I made a pie with home-made whipped cream.  Friends with whom I was looking forward to diving into God’s word and sharing prayer requests.  Friends who refresh and restore me.

It was the third time that cute blonde head had peeked out from the hallway.  And it was the third night in a row that the complaint came…”Mommy, I can’t sleep.”  I got up from my spot on the couch for a third time and firmly escorted him back to his room. I confess that my normal reaction would have been to “whisper-yell”  threats of losses of privileges if that blonde head appeared out of his bed one more time.  But not tonight.  I crawled into bed with him and lay there with him.  I was planning on just staying a moment, to help him calm that body of his that sometimes doesn’t know how to shut off. But he started to whisper-talk and talk and talk.  I didn’t hush him.  He whisper-giggled as he shared funny stories about playing with his brother.  He whisper-laughed and told me jokes.  Random highlights of the day were recounted and then out of the blue he brought up black holes and gravity and wasn’t I amazed that a black hole could suck earth out of its orbit?  What would happen to us? There was awe and fear in that question.  Ah…was this keeping him up at night? What goes on in that wonderful young mind of his?

I could hear my friends saying their goodbyes and giving hugs and I resisted the urge to jump up and at least be the gracious hostess who thanked them for joining us tonight.

I was preparing my reply about  black holes and fear and God’s sovereignty in our lives when he rolled over and said, ” Ok mom, I’m going to sleep now.”  Was that it?  He just needed to talk?

NO, he needed me to listen.  SIGH.

As I listened to his breathing slow, and felt his body relax into slumber, I reflected on our wonderful weekend filled with family time,  fun activities, stories, baking and yes, those beloved teaching and training moments.  But perhaps our wonderful weekend was lacking after all.

I’m so eager to teach.  I’m so eager to train.  But how often do I really listen?

4 Responses to “So eager to train but how often do I listen?…by Susie”
  1. mightcouldbe says:

    Decided it would be disingenuous to “like” something g that made me this convicted! Thankful for your post!

  2. Indeed. How I needed to hear this today. Thank you.

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