Redeeming Halloween: Let’s shine Jesus’ Light…by Susie

It’s October friends!  Let me guess.. your kids are already wearing their Halloween costumes around the house?  Our costumes are ordered but we await shipment and so my boys are instead squeezing themselves into one size too small costumes and running around roaring like lions, squeaking like bats, wielding swords as noble knights, and rattling their skeleton bones!

I’m not a trained educator but I’ve noticed over the years that teaching using themes works really well!  And so….

  Join us during the month of October as we explore some fun ideas and suggestions on how to turn Halloween into a fun time of exploring the truths of God together as a family!

Last year I explained how this tradition began, and so here it is again for you…

I don’t know about where you live, but here, Halloween is huge. I mean HUGE! People go all out decorating their homes and yards, and every store has a display scary enough to make you jump out of your skin. I find myself quickly veering my little 3 year old away from certain aisles so he doesn’t encounter the skeleton with the blood covered knife stuck in the skull. Even the local grocery store turns into a scary place. So what’s a parent to do? Well, my husband and I have adopted a motto for our parenting :

Insulate not Isolate.

Instinctively, I want to isolate my kids from the evil influences of this world but I choose instead to pour the truths of God into their precious minds and hearts. I will instead help them grow {only by the Grace of God and in partnership with HIM!} such deep roots in the Word of God,  that as we go out into the world, they are insulated and equipped to make a difference in the Kingdom. While I will continue to avoid the freaky displays and  some yards for a few weeks, I will do what I can to redeem Halloween!

By some miracle, a few years ago, I was organized enough to have picked out our costumes by the end of September. I had been wanting to do some fun at-home devotional lessons with the boys but honestly had been at a loss as to where to start. When I looked at my big boy in his Knight costume chasing after our roaring little guy, all adorable in his Dragon costume, I saw an opportunity to do some character building. The Noble Knight! I knew I was feeling the tap of the Holy Spirit encouraging me to make an intentional effort, and that He, the Great Teacher and Equipper, would give me the ideas and ability. All I had to do was join in the fun with Him. I am so grateful I accepted the invitation. We had so much fun together as a family that we now have an annual tradition of turning our Halloween costumes into a theme for the month and having great Family Fun focussing on the truths found in God’s Word. 

Click Here to continue reading about the NOBLE KNIGHT

Click Here to read about using SKELETONS to teach about God’s Grace and mercy {oddly, one of our most popular posts!}

And now it’s time to announce this year’s theme!


This book was the inspiration.  I love how it takes the customs and traditions of our society and provides a bridge for sharing about the truth of the Gospel.  I love all these Happy Day Books – Holiday Series.  I think we have them all.  Honestly, I think you can get the paperback version for a penny from your favorite book distributor.  If you are looking for a fun resource for yourself or for the families in your Sunday school this Halloween season, pick up some of these.  They are winners!!

Add to this bookthe amazing assortment of glow in the dark toys one can find at the dollar store and combine it with the plethora of glow in the dark activities to found on Pinterest and we have a month full of fun!

Click HERE to read Part 2

and HERE to read Part 3

 {Yes I realize that this theme is not costume related but after the Skeleton theme, I decided to not try to push my luck.  Besides what am I going to do with a Ninja theme? Unless of course you have some bright ideas… I’m all ears !!}



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  1. Lisa Murphy says:

    My Amazon bill has gone up since I subscribed to this blog 🙂 Thank you for another great book recommendation and fun activities and truths for Halloween!

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