Redeeming Halloween : Let it Shine Pumpkin!

Just had to share this great photo with you all!  A beloved friend sent me this picture tonight in honor of our “Let it Shine” theme this year.  If you are looking for some pumpkin carving inspiration…here you go! “God once said, ‘Let the light shine out of the darkness!’ And this is the same God … Continue reading

Redeeming Halloween: Let it Shine Lesson Plan {part 2} ….by Susie

October is almost over,  Halloween is around the corner, and with the sun dropping quickly in the evenings now, we have a precious 30-60 minutes of darkness before bedtime in which to play with all our glow-in-the-dark toys and slip in a lesson or two on Letting our Light Shine!  There is plenty of time … Continue reading

So eager to train but how often do I listen?…by Susie

I abandoned a living room of friends tonight.  Friends for whom I had straightened up the house. Friends for whom I made a pie with home-made whipped cream.  Friends with whom I was looking forward to diving into God’s word and sharing prayer requests.  Friends who refresh and restore me. It was the third time … Continue reading

Redeeming Halloween: Let’s shine Jesus’ Light…by Susie

shine your light book

It’s October friends!  Let me guess.. your kids are already wearing their Halloween costumes around the house?  Our costumes are ordered but we await shipment and so my boys are instead squeezing themselves into one size too small costumes and running around roaring like lions, squeaking like bats, wielding swords as noble knights, and rattling … Continue reading