Introducing a new favorite…When You Rise by Susie

Drum roll please…

We would like to introduce to you the latest addition to the RaisingDeepRoots list of blogs that are totally awesome, that we just can’t recommend highly enough, and that inspire and encourage us ! 

Please say hello to WhenYouRise!

 In all seriousness friends,  I cannot recommend this blog enough.  Every time I read a post by the lovely author, Desiré,  my heart just shouts out AMEN!  Let me give you a quick tour of some of the inspiration that has come from

1)  I bought and am LOVING two books she recommended in this post called My New Prayer Mentors.  I have begun to use them during my “wish it were daily” quiet times of reading the Bible and praying.  The books by Andrew Case on praying scriptures for your husband and children are simply awesome.  So grateful she introduced me to them!

2) This summer, as I was planning fun activities for the boys and me to do on our Mommy Adventure Ocean Theme week, I was also in search of a ocean themed devotional to wrap our week up and point us to Jesus.  We’d visited aquariums, had run in the surf, painted sea shells, and made hilarious sea animal crafts but I was coming up blank on our Bible focus.  I know I can be sorta over the top with my obsession with themes and tying everything together but honestly, I can’t explain it, but I REALLY wanted to come up with one!!  Thank you Lord!   He heard the desires of my heart and graciously provided  this post which landed in my inbox.  Voila!  We did this devotional that very night! Thank you so much Desiré! 

3) A friend asked me to read the book Radical by David Platt with her this summer.  (Great read by the way!!)  After reading and discussing it, we decided to embark upon the Radical Experiment.  One of the challenges was to pray for all the world.  It occurred to me that while our family does pray for several missionaries around the world, we were not praying intentionally for God’s precious people all over the globe.  I wanted to start and but I also wanted my boys to join me! Guess what immediately popped into my head?  Yup, another fabulous post by WhenYouRise called “Teaching your children to Pray: Missions” which includes a great book recommendation to use with the kiddos for praying for the world!  I found the book in our local seminary library and will likely be getting a copy for us to use at home all year long!

4) Finally, I was beyond delighted to discover Desiré’s heart for Africa, especially since my husband has been to Africa 3 times on mission trips with our church, and because we sponsor a host of ministries that meet physical, spiritual and educational needs of African children and teens.  There is something precious about discovering shared passions. And oh my, check out her etsy shop called JournalsForChange !

Love them!

The list could go on, and I’m excited to see what awesomeness awaits us in the future! But don’t take my word for it…check it out for yourself 🙂  May you be blessed and encouraged in the Lord.

As a final note, Kellye has made recommendations in the past regarding some of our favorite blogs.   They still rank in our list of blogs that are totally awesome, that we can’t recommend highly enough, and that inspire and encourage us!    You can find the links to those on the bottom of the right hand sidebar on our home page.

Enjoy dear ones!


2 Responses to “Introducing a new favorite…When You Rise by Susie”
  1. Desiré says:

    Oh my goodness, Susie! Thank you for your sweet, sweet words about When You Rise. I pray that it is a blessing to your readers!

    • And thank you! Just passing along the blessing! So often we have no clue what impact God is having through our ministry. I’m happy you get a chance to see just a small glimpse of that impact!!

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