Repost from the Archives: Going Public book recommendation

With school starting just around the corner, we wanted to share ( actually re-share ) an annual back-to-school read. Kell, so glad you found this book 2 years ago now and that you took the time to share from your heart about the homeschool/public school struggle. Enjoy this post from the archives friends!

Raising Deep Roots

“There’s never been a time when children could be successfully raised without sacrifice and discipline on the part of the parents.”  Elisabeth Elliot


Over the past two years I have sincerely come to a place where I believe two things about education in our home. One: Homeschooling is not just a wonderful option, but it is our responsibility.  Two: God is 100% calling our family to public school.  You may be thinking how do those two reconcile themselves?  I have wondered that over and over.  It has been the topic of many prayers on the floor of my closet (where I cannot hear my children ;-0).  I am surrounded by amazing homeschool moms and amazing public school moms and it would be easy to go either way.  There are difficulties & joys of both but what Daniel and I had to keep going back to was what is GOD calling US to. …

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