Saturate your Summer with Jesus…by Susie

Summer is our favorite time of year for us gals at RaisingDeepRoots.  We love how the slower schedules and break from daily routine free us up for summer adventures with our boys.  We are both planners and love to use the summer as a time to recalibrate our routines and rhythms and make the most of every moment we have with the kids to point them to Jesus!   Two summers ago Kellye did an amazing Alphabet Adventure with her kiddos.  For those of you who are new to the blog, I could not resist posting a summary of all  her Alphabet Adventure posts in one convenient place right here: 

 (note: these are compiled in backwards chronological order…you can start at the beginning by clicking the “older posts” button  til you get to the beginning. Or simply just go to the home page and scroll down to weeks A& B and go from there!)

We were reminiscing about all the fun she had planning  and how perfect that summer was for preparing her Logan to start Kindergarden.  My part time work schedule doesn’t allow me the same kind of freedom to embark on such an ambitious adventure but reading those posts that summer did inspire me to plan special theme weeks with my boys and they have definitely become the highlight of our summers!  Can’t wait to finally get some of those theme weeks posted for you all!

However, since Kellye is presently up to her eyeballs planning Vacation Bible School for her church and I have…umm… well I have 40+ drafts prepared but nothing publishable yet (eek!), I thought I’d introduce you to a wonderful woman of God, amazing mom, awesome Pastor’s wife, and a cherished friend of both Kellye and mine.  Mel started blogging about a year ago and I LOVE her posts.  She just embarked on a fabulous summer adventure with her kiddos focussed on learning all about the Attributes of God.  What a great theme for the whole family to focus on!  While we here in California are still slogging out the last few weeks of  school, her kids have been out since Memorial day and she’s already got 2 weeks of fun posted!   It also so happened that she ended up being one of the winners of our TableTopTruths giveaway.    Look at the super cute placemats she chose!  Gotta love it when God works things out like this!!

If you are looking for a summer theme and some activities to do with your kids this summer that are fun and creative and point them to the TRUTH about God and his character then why not join her!  Click on the links below to her blog “Amazed by Grace and Mercy”.  

God is Eternal

God is Omniscient

God is Omnipotent

God is Truth

God is Immutable

God is Omnipresent

God is Holy

God is Sovereign

Thanks Mel!  I can’t wait to join you and can’t wait to see what is coming in the weeks to come! (No pressure!)

And if an “adventure” or a “journey” is not what you are looking for this summer, maybe you just need some rhythm to your summer. This post Kellye wrote last summer is refreshing!  

And to quote Kell from that post,  ” As you plan, pray.  Pray for wisdom in how to lead your children in learning the Word, how to put that Word into practice, and how to incorporate it in everything you do.  Saturate your summer with Jesus by making the most of every opportunity to teach your children about who He is and how much He loves us.”




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