Beatitudes for Mothers of Small Children

I’m so excited to share this BEAUTIFUL poem with you!   I have been so BLESSED to have the author of this poem in my life.  She is a dear woman who loves the Lord and has so much wisdom to share.  She regularly encourages me, challenges me and best of all, she loves on my boys and they know and feel it.  It comes from an anthology of her poems called  The Surrendered Heart. 

I *heart* her poetry and I just know you are going to be encouraged today in reading this poem!

Thank you Kathy for giving so much of yourself to our church family.  Thank you for investing in me and in my children. I am so blessed that you “provide a godly role model, help of all kinds, friendship and fellowship.”  I am “gleaning all I can” because your “good example is invaluable.”  xoxo, Susie

Beatitudes for Mothers of Small Children

by Kathleen Lewis

Blessed are you when your helpless infant’s demands completely overwhelm you. God is aware of your needs,dear mother, and will give what is necessary: instinct, perspective and unspeakable joy.  This is what you were born to do.

Blessed are you when your toddler’s care takes every ounce of your strength and creativity and patience.  You are being perfected in your character and spirit by what is required of you. What is required of you? Everything.

Blessed are you when you long for peace and quiet and luxury of privacy.  Do not weary in your sacrificial care-giving and loving, for someday you will look upon the fruit of your labor and rejoice. Someday you will have peace and quiet and privacy and, Lord willing, the satisfaction of a job well done.

Blessed are you when you do not take the easy way out in training your child.  Consistency is hard work; it is never convenient, but it will pay off.  Pray that your child will choose to obey and that it will be a lifelong pattern.

Blessed are you when you teach your child about our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ through story and song.  The word of God and principles of Scripture are building blocks as your child’s spiritual character and personality develop.

Blessed are you when you understand that you are your child’s first image of unconditional love, sacrifice, obedience, and devotion to the Lord.  Your everyday life and your responses to personal challenges are being observed and will be copied. Your child is watching you, so watch what you do.

Blessed are you when you spend regular time reading, singing, and playing with your small child.  You are investing yourself in the most precious commodity on earth.  Lavish yourself generously as if watering a budding flower…and watch it bloom.

Blessed are those around you who provide godly role models, help of all kinds, friendship and fellowship.  Glean all you can from women who are a few steps beyond you on the path mothering.  We learn from each other; a good example is invaluable.

Blessed are you when you, after an exhausting day, you finally are able to collapse and savor the silence of a “sleeping house.”  Despite your weariness, the next thing you know you are standing over your slumbering angel-child, smiling, eager for tomorrow.

Blessed are you, dear mother, whose work is blessed by our Father in heaven, sanctified by the Lord Jesus Christ, and seen by angels. It is holy work. You are not alone; what God has given you to do He will help you to do.


Happy Mother’s Day!




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