Peep Smores and Sweet Forgiveness! …by Susie

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I’m presently basking in the delight of a successful family night (no they don’t always go as planned!) in which we revisited not only the Easter story but also managed to wrap up a family Lent activity we had been doing with some hit and miss regularity.  Honestly, I had almost forgotten about it until a friend posted on Facebook that she and her family had just finished enjoying peep smores on the fire pit!  Ha ha! I dare you to read on and see how this all came together!  Praise God for his faithfulness in making something beautiful out of WHATEVER we offer to him 🙂

These poor cute birds had NO idea what was coming to them!!!

Last year I saw this post by Ann Voskamp on her wonderful blog called  She calls it her Family Sorry Box, or their repentance box, and I was excited for our own family to adopt it as a part of our Lenten experience this year.  Immediately in my mind’s eye I could see another box,  high above the TV armoire- a lovely box of our own that held nothing but remotes to TV and DVD players ! I cleared a spot on our mantle, collected up a pad of paper and a pen and set that box front and center on the first day of lent.  

That night at bed time, during prayers, I asked the boys to share something they wanted to ask God to forgive them for as part of our bedtime A.C.T.S. prayer pattern (yet another post for another time).  I have to admit I was first to confess and clear my conscience before the boys and their father.  I’m so sorry Lord, and my sweet sons and my husband that I yelled in anger.  Then came more confessions.  “Sorry I disobeyed you mommy.” “Yah, sorry I was disrespectful. ” And then from the most servant hearted man I know, “honey, I’m sorry I didn’t have a servant heart tonight towards our family.”   Oh sweet forgiveness!  Forgiveness granted to and from each other.  

And best of all, forgiveness from our heavenly Father who promises that he will purify us from all unrighteousness if we confess our sins   (1 John 1:9).

“How about I write down our “I’m sorry’s” on a piece of paper and put it in the new box on the mantle piece ok?  Then after Easter, when we’ve celebrated how Jesus has conquered death, we’ll burn all the pieces of paper in our fireplace”  Fire? Burning?  Sounded good to these little boys 🙂  And so that’s what we did.  Not every night – but as often as we remembered.  Often it was little Jake who would be the first one to say, “Mommy will you write down in the sorry box that I am sorry I didn’t listen to you?”  And oh, so often in the quiet of evening would I sit down and write down my lists and lists of failures in that box, knowing that I was already forgiven in the confession but eagerly awaiting the final act of burning all my piles of heart filth.

Fast forward seven weeks later and I’m in the line at Walgreens and noticing Easter Peep chicks on sale (5 in a package for 18 cents!!).  And it all came rushing back to me.  Easter was over, our box full of confessions was waiting to be burned up in the fireplace, and I had just found a jackpot of peeps for making smores in the fireplace!!!  I raced home and announced our family fun night activity!  We first pulled out our beloved The Big Picture Story Bible and turned to Part 23 – God’s Promise is explained.  Just look at the wonderful images here to remind us of why Jesus had to die and pay our penalty for sin.

 The apple and our fall.  The substitute lamb God provided in the bushes when Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son to God. The blood of lambs on the doorways on the homes of the Israelite people when God rescued them out of Egypt. The blood of animals sacrificed as an atonement for sin and then finally, the perfect blood of Christ, spilled for us that we might be spared from paying the penalty for our sinfulness.  I praise Jesus that everyone listened, asked questions, and didn’t poke their brother and whine that they were on their side of the couch….

We took down the box from the mantle, pierced the sins on papers with the nail-like metal BBQ spears and placed them into the consuming fire.  We watched the fire destroy and make ashes out of those sin notes on papers and we prayed and thanked Jesus for dying for our sins so we didn’t have to.  And we thanked our Heavenly father for his grace and mercy and for his forgiveness.

 (NOTE!!!!  This is not an activity for teeny tiny little ones – metal skewers get HOT when placed in a fire!!  Severe parental paranoia is advised!!!)

And then we tasted the sweetness of forgiveness.  We skewered up those hot pink peep chicks and had a blast watching them melt and ooze!  The necessary graham wafers, and mashed up left over Easter chocolate made for a wonderful smore! For sure the best any of us have ever tasted!


Sweet Forgiveness!!!

If you have any peeps still lying around, do indulge!  And if not, its worth a trip out to the clearance Easter section of your store.  I do believe a new Post Easter tradition has been born 🙂

“I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake,

And I will not remember your sins.”

~Isa. 43:25




4 Responses to “Peep Smores and Sweet Forgiveness! …by Susie”
  1. Lisa Murphy says:

    This was just the best story to read and idea ever! Thank you for passing on a way to make something very complex into something that our children can experience.

  2. Chi Kroeker says:

    You are so creative. I love your new family tradition!!!

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