Tabletop Truths : making mealtimes meaningful…by Susie

I’d love to share a teaching tip with you.  Are you ready for it?  Teach while your kids are eating!  Seriously!  It’s almost foolproof!!   I’d love to say I learned this strategy in a “childhood development” or “teaching biblical concepts to children” class but, honestly, I learned this in sheer desperation as a volunteer preschool teacher at my church.  I had no experience with kids (none of my own, avoided babysitting as much as I could as a teenager, and was generally ignorant about all things to do with kids!)  One Sunday, after pulling my hair out trying to get 7 preschoolers to sit down long enough for me to teach the Bible lesson, I noticed that at snack time, all the kids had both their hands and mouths busy at the same time!  Awesome!  Jackpot!  I grabbed the teacher’s manual, asked my helper to keep goldfish crackers in front of  these precious little ones while I shared the Bible lesson!  Since then, for close to 14 years of teaching Sunday school,  I ALWAYS share the Bible story at snack time!  

And sure enough, now with 2 boys at home, the BEST time to share the truths of God is over a meal at the table.  Breakfast in particular is our favorite mealtime to practice some scripture memory, to read one of our favorite Bibles {like this one or this one},  or some other favorite devotional { such as this one.}  So, needless to say, I just about started jumping up and down when I found these awesome placemats!  I am in deep, deep LOVE!!!  

They are from

How perfect would this be to put out on your table for your kids on Easter morning?  He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!

Oh and how I wish I had this when I was doing my theme month on the Noble Knight a couple years ago!

{Click here to read that post}

I love them all so much that I’m in danger of turning this blog post into nothing but pictures of their wonderful placemats.  How about instead I send you to their website to browse through them yourself?  

And now for the best part.  We get to offer you a GIVEAWAY!   That’s right!  I was so crazy about these placemats that I emailed the lovely ladies at TableTopTruths asking if Kell and I could post about them in this blog.  Not only did they give us permission to use their images here but they graciously offered 2 free placemats to one lucky blog reader!  How fun!  

So here is how its going to work.  Check out their awesome selection of great patterns (I already ordered 3!!)  And then comment here below or on Facebook to tell us your 2 favorite placemat patterns!  We’ll pick a winner at random and the generous gals at will send you the placemats. 


Enjoy and we hope this ends up being a fun way for you to turn meal time into a great time of also eating some of God’s WORD!

So tell us?  Which ones are your favorite?



22 Responses to “Tabletop Truths : making mealtimes meaningful…by Susie”
  1. ericmelissagrace says:

    Wow! I love the idea and the placemats! So hard to choose, but my favorites were Jesus is…, and fruits of the spirit.

  2. Katie G. says:

    I love this! You all find great stuff! It was hard to choose just 2. I would say I like the “Armor Girl” and the “God is” (and the Happy Birthday) 🙂

  3. butlerblogs says:

    I love all of them but these two are going to be my “must haves” for now!!!!!!: Creation and Jesus is. Thank you for sharing this site!!!!!!

  4. There are way to many to choose from! All are so cute! …But since we have to pick our two favorites I’m going to go with Fruits of the Spirit, and Family Prayer Guide. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Do I get to comment, hehe??!! I am in love with The Gospel, Jesus Is, and Attributes of God!! What a find!! Win or loose, these will be adorning my table soon!! Kellye

    • Thanks for the kind words! Loved browsing through y’all’s blog, too! Kellye, I worked at T Bar M too and now send my kiddos there! Small world!! Were you there in September for the reunion?

      Hope to meet face to face sometime! 🙂

      (Tabletop Truths)

      • Lisa! What a small world! Love all things & peeps TBARM!!! We were not at the reunion, our fourth boy bundle was born via c/s August 10 so we sadly had to miss out on all the FUAGNUM ;). Thanks so much for letting us post your precious placemats. I can’t wait to place an order! I wish I would have seen these just a few days early, they would have been perfect for Easter week & morning. I think I will be bulk ordering, hehe, what precious gifts they will make!!! Many blessings, Kellye

  6. Susie,
    Thanks for such a great post!! I, too, remember discovering the “goldfish and Bible story combo time” early on in my children’s ministry career! So funny! Now we just use pizza for our older kiddos! 🙂

    LOVE your blog! You all have some fabulous ideas that I will be incorporating into our family and also at church. Thank you!


    • Thank you Lisa! Your generosity is resulting in a lot of fun and excitement among us ladies! We are inspired by your creativity and your love for the word of God! And totally going to be using your Pizza idea as the boys get older!

  7. Lisa Murphy says:

    Thank you for more great resources!
    Ordered the devotional today (had seen it in an earlier post and was thankful to get the reminder!)
    Looooooooooooooooooooove the palcemats.
    My favs are: Armor Boy and Girl, Attributes of God
    Ordered 2 for a couple of my favorite boys who became big bros last week 🙂
    Lisa Murphy

  8. Jess Lonergan says:

    The creation one and the Valentine’s heart one are my favs. So fun! Thanks for sharing this great product!

    Jess Lonergan

  9. Christine Magtibay says:

    All these are great! Oh WOW ~so hard to pick just two… but my favorites are: JESUS IS with all the visual pictures & We LOVE scriptures/hearts.

    Christine Magtibay

  10. krislee136 says:

    Thanks for the text Kell! These are wonderful! We’ve loved going through Advent and Holy Week with a dinnertime activity/lesson/etc. so these are great! I really like the “I am a Child of God” placemat. Simple. True. Love it. Love you guys too, and what you are doing with this blog. You’re precious!~Kristi

  11. Mine just arrived in the mail today! love, love, love!! Hate to ruin the surprise but they came with activity cards! how cool is that!


  12. Kirsten Hollen says:

    I just love these placemats. Thanks for sharing! I do not have kids yet, however, I just got married last year. We want to start a family soon and raise our children to be Godly children and I think these placemats would be a great teaching tool at meal times. 🙂 I espically loved the Happy Birthday one, Fruit of the spirit, and the child of God. They also have great holiday ones. I will be keeping this website handy for the future. Thanks again!!

  13. Carrie Woodard says:

    I love attributes of God…God is…! Elijah helped me pick it out…also the Jesus is…! We’ve been using a vine of construction paper on our backdoor to write scripture memory! These are great…so fun, colorful and full of truth. Love rejoices with the truth! 🙂 Thanks.
    Carrie W.

    • Susie says:

      Carrie! Take a picture of your vine and email it to me so I can see it! Love scripture memory ideas. Good luck on the placemat drawings 🙂

  14. Paige says:

    I like the fruit of the spirit and the gospel. I appreciate all the helpful great ideas you give me to use with my kids. Copying the bible timeline on week 3 now. Thanks

  15. Natalie says:

    What a fun giveaway! We have the Thanksgiving and Christmas sets and our kids loved looking at them and learning from them during those seasons. I would love to have the I am a child of God placemats (one girl, one boy) for everyday. One of the creators of these placemats is from my hometown and her younger sister was one of my best friends growing up. Small world I tell ya!

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