From our hearts to yours {Our Bloggy promises and prayers for you}…by Kell and Susie

We have been so blessed recently by the encouraging words from many of you stating you are enjoying our *meager* efforts here to provide a space that encourages parents to “raise children with deep roots in the Word of God and person of Jesus!”  Thank you for your kind words as we strive to offer encouragement back to you!  This is the true desire of our hearts. These two Mammas spend some of our precious spare hours blogging away because…(ok pause to catch breath after laughing hysterically at the word “spare”.  How does one eke out some spare time when you are a busy momma – I mean really??!! )  Well, actually that is a really good question 🙂  So we decided to fill you in!  Here you have it, from our hearts to yours, our prayers and promises about RaisingDeepRoots! 

1) We blog out of LOVE.  Love for you and out of our love of sharing what we see God doing in our lives and in the lives of our children, families, and churches.  We do not blog out of obligation, unless of course the Holy Spirit just won’t let us off the hook. But then we wouldn’t call that obligation but rather obedience!! 

2) We blog to share RESOURCES that we believe to be tried and true, but we do not believe in formulas.  If we recommend a resource, its because we have used it or are in the middle of using it (or struggling our way through it!).  We believe in reading before recommending :).  If we share an idea,  it is because ONLY by God’s grace has been a successful tool for us.  That doesn’t mean it will automatically work for your family!  Kellye is Kellye, Susie is Susie, and You are You!  Embrace your God created uniqueness and celebrate the wonder of your own special family and family dynamics. Just because an idea sounds fun and exciting to us doesn’t mean it will to you.  We admit we are craft heavy because Kellye is indeed super talented and creative (Susie wrote that part, from MY perspective I am REALLY good at copying, hehe), and well I, Susie, who is not the most crafty gal in the world,  somehow ended up with a child who adores doing crafts.  What’s a not-so-crafty gal to do?  Roll up her sleeves and just roll with it! Maybe no one in your family enjoys anything to do with glue.  If you want a good laugh and some solid reassurance to be yourself and to do what you know your family enjoys then read this funny post about “What if I hate crafts!” 

3) We blog to ENCOURAGE & INSPIRE.  We earnestly pray that you are encouraged in your pursuit of Christ  and are inspired to be intentional in the discipling of your children because it matters. We do NOT intend this to be a place of “SEE!  Look what we’ve done with our kids!!” but rather a place of “SEE! God can make a miracle with WHATEVER we offer.” This is a place to get you excited, not down on yourself for what you aren’t doing.   Susie here: I confess, during Kellye’s amazing Alphabet Adventure days, I would get excited to read what awesome things she had done with her boys that week but simultaneously cringe at that feeling that was sneaking up in my heart telling me she was a better, more spiritual, more fun mom than me.  I fought that lie all summer long and finally found victory by the grace of God.  If this is a struggle for you, read this post about the dangers of comparison (Comparison is the thief of Joy). 

4) We blog to be VULNERABLE.  We don’t mean to sugar-coat and make motherhood and intentional parenting to seem easy, fun and super amazing all the time.  Chances are you’ll hear more about the victories and our posts will likely have a tone of optimism and energetic enthusiasm. Because honestly, we don’t really enjoy blogging about the flops, the meltdowns, the total lose it with our kids moments.  Its just not fun 😉  But there are times when you will share in our worst days, our most painful days, our sacred moments where pressing into the Lord wasn’t just an option, but the only way to survive.  The norm though?  The norm is that on those really hard days when we are so exhausted that all we want to do is crawl into bed, pull the covers over our heads and sleep into eternity, we just don’t have the TIME to blog – we are crying instead!!!  So while we strive for honest, vulnerable posts, we acknowledge most posts will have a biased feel to them because we mostly blog on our really really good days :). We admit that we are “the glass is half full” kinda gals and our favorite saying on the ‘lock ourselves in the bathroom’ kind of days is “What can ya do?” in a VERY sing songy kind of voice with a fake smile plastered from ear to ear and a VERY large coffee with extra whip in hand.

5) We blog for FUN and FRIENDSHIP.  Seriously! it’s just plain fun to share in this together.  After several precious years of sharing life, ministry and motherhood together, it blesses our socks off to share this place together even though we are now separated by many miles.  

6) Above all else we pray this is all done to the PRAISE and GLORY of our Lord….”not to us oh Lord, not to us, but to your name be the glory.”  We are just passing through, and in the midst of this quick life we are striving to die daily for the sake of Christ in our homes, communities, and churches. 
So join us.  Subscribe, like, read, comment.  Parent with us, be our village as we raise these super great kiddos God has placed in our care. 
Kell & Susie

One Response to “From our hearts to yours {Our Bloggy promises and prayers for you}…by Kell and Susie”
  1. Lisa Murphy says:

    Thank you, ladies!!!

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