Holiday Fun : Celebrating God’s Love…by Susie

If you haven’t noticed by now, we LOVE celebrating holidays around here at RaisingDeepRoots!  Its no secret that holidays are perfect opportunities to take the theme of what’s going on around us in life, to celebrate them, and to turn them into teachable moments.

Obviously, Valentine’s day lends itself PERFECTLY to focus on God’s love!   Thanks to my Pinterest obsession I stumbled upon this adorable Valentine’s Day idea.  Its a Valentine’s Countdown Chain – One Love Bible Verse a Day.  Lacy on her website, not only gives a mini tutorial on how to make it but she also provides the free printables. Thank you!  And although she has 14 verses ( for the 14 day count down Valentine’s Day) DON’T LET THE FACT THAT ITS PAST FEB 1st STOP YOU!   Here we go with my Intentional Parenting Mantra …”even just a few days of LOVE Bible verses is better than none!”  If you are only reading this 5 days before Valentine’s day, simply pick your favorite 5 verses and go for it!!!  The result will be 5 truths planted in the hearts of your family that might not have been there otherwise 🙂

Best part of it is that it took a total of 2o minutes to put together!  OK that was actually the second best part of it. The BEST part was tonight at dinner when Jake, who isn’t reading yet,  picked out his Bible verse from this morning and quoted the scripture to us!  Whoa! Yay!  An extra 20 minutes printing and cutting and stapling resulted in God’s word in a little boy’s heart 🙂  

{Where we are keeping the opened up scripture hearts – for review at dinner time!}

I also plan on copying (what else is new?) Kellye’s His Banner Over Me is Love idea and taking some time looking at what the Bible defines as true and perfect love!  Thank you overstuffed craft closet and the dollar store! I have all the necessary supplies ready and raring to go!

And finally, celebrating God’s love would not be complete without sharing it!  Every year we have a tradition of making some simple Valentine’s for the boys to take to school to share with their friends.  With simple heart shapes, stickers and glue we try to share a favorite verse about God’s love.  This is an example of last year’s Valentine (and the year before and the year before!)

I’d love some new, creative ideas on a Valentine that helps share the message of God’s love for all.  Pinterest of course is full of adorable ideas for valentine’s in general but I’m coming up blank for something with a more evangelistic flair.  If you have an idea or a link, please do share!  

With LOVE,  



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