The Year of a Peaceful Home and a Joyful Soul, part 1…. by Kell

There is something about newness that is just so refreshing.  It’s funny how the first giggle that flows freely from Lincolns mouth can give me energy.  Cutting the first of the post winter roses and filling a vase gives me a thankful spirit.  The first good rain storm in a really long time brings peace and rest.  All parts of my new year so far.  I needed a new year.  Desperately.

Did you read Susie’s most recent post?  The two of us usually time these things together.  I was walking around in a fog too….dreading the come feed me cries….dreading the days….wanting to hide in a corner from my kids.  Really, I wanted to hide.  And I probably did.  More than once.  Somehow, someone always has to remind me that I go into crazy sad woman mode around 4 months post partum.  I don’t know why I always forget that I do this.  You’d think that by the fourth child I would remember and prepare myself to be re-introduced to the lame, no fun, pitiful, self centered me.  So this year….during the holidays of all times….she rushed back into my life and slammed all my happy thoughts of Christmas lights & peppermint mochas into the ground.  Boooooo sad Kellye, booooo!!!!!  I too reaped the harvest of a previous year of preperation with our Jesse Tree, and while it brought me through the holidays and gave me hope and deep joy through hard circumstances, I still felt the burden of winter.  The soul’s winter.  Where it seems from the surface that all things are dead but underneath really just preparing to live.

And the new year, the new year is bringing life.  I name my years, thanks to Ann Voskamp.  Last year was the year of loving deeper and oh how I wish I would have named it something different like the year of having lots of fun or something EASY (note to self).  I learned to love deeper- past my hurt, past myself, past the sheer exhaustion of a new baby (oh wait…still learning that one, sleep child sleep!!!).  I died.  It was a good death, a necessary one, one I don’t really want to encounter again in the near future if at all possible (insert begging on hands and knees).  After much prayer and thought this year has been named the year of a peaceful home and a joyful soul.  I can’t wait to share with you how God is leading me each day to make these things a reality.

Have you ever thought about putting purpose to your year?  Have you ever prayed that God would give you a vision for the coming months in your home?  It’s only Febuary!  If the newness has died down and the discipline has worn off and the resolutions already pushed to the side, maybe this is just the post for you.  Pray, think, dream about the needs of you and your family.  Write them down, put a name to it and put it in as many places as you need to focus your moments.  And do share, I want to hear about what you have named your year and why!

xxoo sisters, Kell

2 Responses to “The Year of a Peaceful Home and a Joyful Soul, part 1…. by Kell”
  1. Susie says:

    Well Kell, as usual my year is not too different from yours:) This is our Year of Restoration! Restoring, like you said, some peace and joy. Personally, I am committed to restoring some spiritual disciplines that have fallen by the wayside. I am enjoying, like you posted above, the newness and freshness of being back more regularly into God’s word and in prayer. In addition I’d be delighted to restore into this season of life a little more relaxation and fun! Time for enjoying our Creator and his creation tops that list!

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