Celebrating Leap Day : The Gift of Time…by Susie

Tell me, dear one, if you have ever said something along the lines of…. “If only I could make the clock stop ticking for just a little bit”.  Or  “if only I could make time stand still.”  Or ” if I could just squeeze in a couple more hours out of my day”.  Any of these … Continue reading

Holiday Fun : Celebrating God’s Love…by Susie

If you haven’t noticed by now, we LOVE celebrating holidays around here at RaisingDeepRoots!  Its no secret that holidays are perfect opportunities to take the theme of what’s going on around us in life, to celebrate them, and to turn them into teachable moments. Obviously, Valentine’s day lends itself PERFECTLY to focus on God’s love! … Continue reading

The Year of a Peaceful Home and a Joyful Soul, part 1…. by Kell

There is something about newness that is just so refreshing.  It’s funny how the first giggle that flows freely from Lincolns mouth can give me energy.  Cutting the first of the post winter roses and filling a vase gives me a thankful spirit.  The first good rain storm in a really long time brings peace and … Continue reading