Holiday Fun:Truth in the Tinsel by Susie

So its Dec 13th which means we have 12 days until Christmas!  Whoo hoo!  I think technically the “Twelve days of Christmas” is really talking about the twelve days AFTER Christmas leading up to Epiphany, but just go with me on this one!   Both Kellye and I are HUGE fans of the blog and so I was delighted when the author, Amanda White,  published an e-book called Truth in the Tinsel: an Advent Experience for Little Hands.  I thought you might enjoy an idea to make the twelve days of {leading up to} Christmas fun and memorable for you and your kids.   The suggested 12 day outline below, taken directly from her website,  could result in your own handmade nativity scene 🙂  The crafts are PERFECT for preschoolers but I know that even my 7  year old will LOVE doing these.  I love the e-book idea because it’s an instant download (no waiting for the FedEx truck!) and its so affordable 🙂   For a mere 4.99$  you can download the book and have a full 24 days worth of Christmas scriptures and crafts, supply lists and templates included! 

December  13th: Day 1 {Light}

christmas ornament


14th: Day 4 {Gabriel}

15th: Day 5 {Mary}

16th: Day 9 {Joseph}

17th: Day 14 {Stable}

18th: Day 15 {Manger}

19th: Day 16 {Swaddling Clothes}

20th: Day 18 {Angels}

21st: Day 19 {Shepherds}

22nd: Day 21 {Star}

23rd: Day 22 {Wise Men}

24th: Day 24 {Cross}

If 12 days is still too much for you, don’t worry! She has 4 alternate schedules in the back of the ebook–

Just the Basics (with 6 activities), 

By Book of the Bible (6+ activities), 

Characters (10 activities) and 

Prophecy (7 activities).

So, this can work for every busy Christmas schedule this year!  I originally bought the book the day after Thanksgiving with plans of doing all 24 days in December, but we’ve had a most unexpected kind of pre-Christmas season ( more on that in a future post hopefully…)  So we will instead be doing  a mere sampling this year! But I’ll say it again, even if I start to sound like a broken record,  a little bit of intentional discipleship is better than none right?

And if you enjoy having a little community, you can join in the Facebook fun by clicking here:

the TruthintheTinsel:an Advent Experience for Little Hands Facebook Challenge 

May you have a wonderfully blessed “Twelve Days of {leading up to } Christmas!”



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