Discipleship in the most beautiful form. by Kell

We dive deep.  We bend knees.  We soak up.  We open heart and ears and eyes.  We listen.  We run hard.  We transform.  Is there anything more beautiful than loving Christ?  Loving him fully?  SO fully that it spills over and out and down and into the ones we love and lay down our very lives for.  And so fully that they imitate that love.  AH!  This is the heart of discipleship!!  I wish I could somehow covey my expression in words. Maybe I should take a cool webcam pic of my face ;-)!   I am AMAZED that Christ makes this possible.  I am OVERWHELMED that this beautiful model of discipleship we see in scripture can be made REAL in our home.

I peer around the door, quiet and listening, to a small conversation between two brothers.  The younger asking the older about Moses and the Red Sea and the stick and the waters.  With great confidence the small one boasts how Moses parted the sea with a stick but he is lovingly directed deeper by the older of the two.  The one he looks up to, the one he follows everywhere.  He is just barely seven.  And I am amazed.  He explains with great gentleness and conviction “There was no power in the stick, and Moses was just a man.  It was God who parted the waters, He just used Moses and the stick to accomplish His will.”  My jaw dropped a little, my mind raced, did I teach him that?  Did I say those words in a moment along the way?  Here he was pointing his 4-year-old brother to the underlying truth of a Bible story… discipleship?  YES!  I think it crazy and amazing and beautiful that these small people can teach each other truth.  That they can imitate Christ to each other.  The family discipling the family, what a picture.

I was in college when I really got discipleship.  Two beloved ladies (Laura and April to you my heart will forever be grateful) poured their lives into teaching me.  They walked me through healing, pointed me over and over again to the Word, celebrated victories with me and bore my heavy burdens alongside me.  Notice the common theme?  Me.  I was focused on me….my growth, my issues, my joys, my life.  Not much thought to the legacy that would be coming.  I’m not sure if I ever thought about how my daily running after Christ could one day spill over into wee little ones at my feet.  But now, now it is a heavy joy.  A great responsibility desperate for great grace.   I am humbled by the reality that when I am NOT loving Christ and running hard after him my children see that.  And imitate that.  And put their treasure elsewhere.

I want to be a disciple of Jesus.  I want to disciple my kids.  I also want to foster an environment in our home where they can learn together and FROM one another.  Have you prayed through this?  Done this?  Please share!!  This is what I have so far…

1.  At night, let the oldest read the Bible to the others (or take turns if they can all read!).

2. Ask for them to retell stories to each other (aka Bennett, tell Nate about…and help along the way if needed).

3. Have them memorize scripture & song together.

Probably all things you have done.  Know they are things that matter, simple things that foster a beautiful place for children to learn of a living God together.  Do share….

Giving thanks this season for the gift of our children and the things they teach me daily.


One Response to “Discipleship in the most beautiful form. by Kell”
  1. Jen says:

    beautiful post kelli! sounds like you are doing well being intentional and keeping the focus on Christ. We’ve seen similar things in our family.

    I think you are right, it is the simple things.

    the daily living and talking and praying.

    telling the Story and not “the stories” (ya know what I mean?)

    and time. you’ve got to have time to talk and share and laugh and pray . . . and you’ve got to BE together and not apart all day long living parallel yet separate lives (and yet, that is SO prevalent in our cultural “norm” of family life today).

    keeping the things that matter on the forefront rather than on the backburner. easy now. easy when the kids are little and you are motivated and have great intentions and plans. and hard to hold-fast to as they grow. and many fall away and towards the things the world says matter. . . and forget that discipleship won’t just happen when life becomes all about soccer, school, and success rather than sacrifice, service, and the Savior.

    love u. pray for us as we will pray for you!

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