Road Trip! by Susie

Few words conjure up more summer time memories than ROAD TRIP!  Summer seems to be full of days of piling into the car with your kiddos for your day trip to pick berries, heading out for your camping trip, driving across country for your family vacation or maybe just heading up to the closest Walmart to beat the heat and kill some time!  Regardless of the reason for your automobile adventure, I’m sure you have a collection of favorite CD’s…wait….let me get more current…I mean your smartphone plugged in with some of your favorite i-tunes cranked.  Here at RaisingDeepRoots, we’d love to make some suggestions to add to your automobile audio repertoire!

Last summer our family took 2 days to drive to our vacation destination and I’m so pleased to say we managed it screen free!   I really wanted the boys to have a chance to stare out the window for hours and get lost in their own thoughts.  Of course, they only stayed lost in those thoughts for so long and then well….you can guess the rest 🙂  Thank Heaven for our stash of “Adventure of Odyssey” CD samples we found in the glove compartment!

I’m not going to win any awards for creativity on this resource recommendations but we have finally joined the millions of parents who LOVE listening to Adventures in Odyssey with the kiddos.
Adventures in Odyssey presents original audio stories brought to life by actors who make you feel like part of the experience. These fictional, character-building dramas are created by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths. Maybe that’s why over 20 million products have been distributed worldwide. So dust off your imagination and join the kids in Odyssey for inspiring adventures that are flat-out fun!

Based on the 30 or  so”episodes” we’ve listened to, I’d say best age range would be 6-13 or so.  Some of the stories are so exciting and intense that the mystery of it all might be a bit much if you have sensitive young ones listening in.  However, my 4 year old seems to handle them just fine.  Every once in a while he loses interest if the plot is too complex but for the most part he is an Odyssey fan now too.  Its been super fun to share these with some dear friends and get the same delighted response from them.  In fact, we just traded a bunch of our CDs around as her family is heading out of town tomorrow for a….ROAD TRIP!  {updated note : our favorite series by far is  the Bible EyeWitness ones.  They are Bible story based rather than topical and have a magical way of making the Bible stories come to life!}

For the Odyssey home page including ordering information (available in MP3 format or CDs) click here.

For some suggestions for parents on how to make the most of the “lesson learned in the story” and turn it into some great family discussion time about your family values and character building in your child, look here.  Actually, who am I kidding? Character building in all of us!

Now while I LOVE LOVE LOVE providing opportunities for the boys to use their imaginations and I would much prefer to allow for the story picture to unfold in their minds, I would be remiss to not mention the fabulous new animated versions of Adventures in Odyssey now available on  What is JellyTelly you ask?  A new website from the makers of VeggieTales and Focus on the Family that serves as a:

 a Bible-based alternative to video and gaming sites, JellyTelly provides families with a safe place to learn and play online.  

Check out JellyTelly here to view these amazing animated versions!

And for those of you who are thinking, but what about my preschoolers?   Never Fear!  Life at the Pond is here!  Shout out to my friend Jennifer for sharing these with us! Check out here for some super cute stories for the younger ones that even older brother will enjoy – not to mention mom and dad.  I’ve been known to laugh out loud while driving down the freeway listening to these adorable stories!  And I’ve found myself referring to the great lessons taught in the stories to my sweet boys several times this week.  “Do you think you might be acting bossy like Marilyn the Mouse?”   ” Are you being kind and including the new boy who moved in next door when you play with your friends just like Tony the Frog was so nice to Bill the Duck?”  Great stories, great lessons!

What are some of your favorite, Bible based, character building stories your family likes to listen to?  Let us know! Oh and for my Marin peeps, if you want to trade around some CDs we’ve got quite a stash to share 😉

So here’s to summer time fun, to fabulous family adventures on the road, and especially our prayers for safety and some great lessons learned along the way 🙂


One Response to “Road Trip! by Susie”
  1. Becky says:

    Thank you for the great resources. I look forward to trying out the websites.

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