Bible Timeline Part 4: God’s Big Promise by Kell

Well it is “Timeline Tuesday” around these parts ;-)!!  We have been doing this for weeks and I can’t seem to get myself in gear these days to post them so I have about 5 weeks worth of Timeline’s to share!

God’s Big Promise is about His promise to make Abraham into a great nation….Abraham’s doubt….and how Abraham turns out trusting God’s promise.  The kids and I got out my Bible and read back to see the kind of life that Abraham lead and why he specifically was given such a wonderful promise.  You can imagine what story in his life intrigued everyone the most….Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac.  It was a great lesson in obedience for the kids.  We keep obedience pretty simple around here: obedience =  blessing, disobedience = consequence.  That is just our daily explanation to choices they are making and it is clear in SO many places in Scripture.  This was one of those good moments to reinforce what we teach with how God parents his children too.  We see clearly how Abrahams life and choices bring about a truly beautiful promise.  This is a great place to bring out Matthew’s Begats by Andrew Petterson to show children how his obedience did not just affect his immediate family by giving he and Sarah their long-awaited blessing of being with child….but his obedience blessed the nations, blessed you and me, ushered Jesus in through his line.  It’s an amazing moment when a child can grasp that from one man’s life came a whole line of people leading to Jesus.  Puts obedience in a whole new light for mom and babe.

We used chalkboard paint for the sky in this one which made involvement by all three easy easy.  Nate & Bennett drew with chalk & Logan used a silver paint pen.  The Bible Timeline is such an easy way to get the kids to understand the whole of Scripture, not doing anything with your kiddos?  Consider this, we are loving it and eating up and it’s so nice and low maintenance!!!!  More to come, check the old Bible Timeline’s out to begin!!!

4 Responses to “Bible Timeline Part 4: God’s Big Promise by Kell”
  1. Susan says:

    Is that chalkboard paint? Totally cool!!!

  2. Paige says:

    would love to see the rest of the timeline posts, we caught up to you now 🙂

  3. Susie says:

    I agree! hint hint!!! 🙂

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