Road Trip! by Susie

Few words conjure up more summer time memories than ROAD TRIP!  Summer seems to be full of days of piling into the car with your kiddos for your day trip to pick berries, heading out for your camping trip, driving across country for your family vacation or maybe just heading up to the closest Walmart … Continue reading

Bible Timeline Part 4: God’s Big Promise by Kell

Well it is “Timeline Tuesday” around these parts ;-)!!  We have been doing this for weeks and I can’t seem to get myself in gear these days to post them so I have about 5 weeks worth of Timeline’s to share! God’s Big Promise is about His promise to make Abraham into a great nation….Abraham’s … Continue reading

Why the blog? by susie

Welcome Newcomers (Especially those from my present precious Tiburon Baptist Church family and my beloved previous Strawberry Community Church family!) Why the Blog? To be sure, there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of blogs out there and frankly, many of you probably have blogs of your own.   So a better question is Why this … Continue reading