Pace & Rhythm of Your Own by Kell

Pace & Rhythm has been a focus in our church lately.  What is healthy?  What is habit?  What is necessary?  What is not?  How does pace and rhythm look in the home, in the church, in mission, in everyday life?

We have seasons in our home.  Seasons where being busy is welcomed, enjoyed, and brings energy into the home.  Where waking up at 6:30 and being out the door with a full day is a pleasure.  And there are seasons where slow is needed, where breathing deep is required.  Where snuggling in bed for an extra half hour in the morning or lingering at the dinner table is welcomed.

Last summer was a full and busy season, the fun of our Alphabet Adventure brought a fast pace & rhythm to life that we all jumped out of bed for.  Are you there?  Longing for a way to go and do and learn and grow in a new and fresh way?  A way that brings life & energy into your home?  I encourage you to look through the posts under Alphabet Adventure and plan a summer of fun for your little loves.  What is an Alphabet Adventure?  It is a journey from A to Z: each letter includes scripture memory, crafts, outings, library books, games, and more.  We did 2 letters a week for the summer.  It can be as busy and extensive as you want or can handle.  There are tons of ideas and resources with every letter that you can replicate or that will spark a whole new wave of creativity in your home.  There are no rules, no expectations, just loads of learning and fun to be had.  As you plan, pray.  Pray for wisdom in how to lead your children in learning the Word, how to put that Word into practice, and how to incorporate it in everything you do.  Saturate your summer with Jesus by taking every moment as an opportunity to teach your children about who He is and how much He loves us.

This summer is a whole new pace & rhythm.  I have eight more weeks until we welcome our fourth bouncing baby boy.  Needless to say, I am slow….therefore our summer is slow ;-).  We are taking time in all things, savoring every moment of making pancakes and swimming all afternoon.  We are breathing differently as a family, talking more, reading more, sitting longer, savoring moments with deeper gratitude.  It isn’t better than last summer, it’s just different.  A very welcomed different.  If this is you, if this is your season, here is how we are doing life this summer and what we are focusing on.  None of these take much time, just small things each day to keep us focused. I pray it encourages you to think and dream about how your home can be a place where Christ can linger with you.

Sunday of Rest.  We have always tried to reserve Sunday as a day to rest in the Lord.  This day we encourage worship through church, music, and reading.  We take this as our day as a family to be quiet (unless the Mavs are playing!!  Like NOW!!!).  We take time to talk about what we learned in church, to pray more, to spend time cultivating our family relationships.  There are times when we use this to have other church family over for a meal and fellowship and other times where we need it to just be us.  Sunday is a day of purposeful rest.

Monday Morning Muffin Ministry.  We are making Monday’s a day where we serve someone.  We are planning to make a double batch of muffins on Monday’s and share half with whomever the Lord lays on our hearts.  This is a great way for the children to pray & act.  It is a beautiful thing to see the kids pray about who we should love today…..then see God lay someone on their heart…..then have a tangible way to follow through with it.  And I always welcome an excuse to get my boys cooking!!

Timeline Tuesdays.  We started a Bible Timeline at the end of last summer and didn’t get very far!  We are walking through our Big Picture Bible and making a HUGE timeline to get a grasp on the whole of scripture.  So Tuesday early mornings are reserved for reading & creating & chatting through the Word.  This is also a day where we make space to have playdates & hang with friends.

Wednesday is Theme Day.  I have selected three themes for this summer: construction, insects, and fire trucks.  Using Kids Soup, we have crafts, worksheets, games, & snacks all within these themes.  This will be our main day for math/ english/ spelling/ science/ art.  We will do a little each day but our main focus will be on Wednesday.  Each theme will last two weeks, so we have about 6 weeks of activities for this.  This is a great way for us to keep their minds working over the summer months and to encourage education in the home.  And this is just enough to keep me accountable but not overwhelmed!!

Thursday is Doorposts Day.  We are starting a new Biblical curriculum just for boys.  Last summer we did ABC Bible verses and LOVED it!!  This summer, the older boys are ready for more.  Plants Grown Up is a curriculum for Biblical character training for boys put out by Doorposts.  It is an incredible resource and we are excited to dive in!  Thursday’s are another day for play & fun with friends!!

Friday is Serve the Church Day.  I’m super excited about this!  I work 9 hours a week in our church office as admin & children’s minster.  On Friday mornings, another mom and her precious daughters are joining the boys & I to “serve the church.”  Our first Friday, we packed boxes for a soldier in our congregation, wrote him letters & prayed for he & his family.  There are lots of little jobs from refilling snacks & organizing toys in the children’s rooms to folding bulletins & stuffing chairs, and taking time to pray for those in our congregation and for the coming Sunday service that the kids can participate in.  I’m so excited for the accountability and partnership with my friend as we teach the kids the joy of serving the church body!

And well, Saturday’s are just fun and free!  There are lots of other life things… laundry & grocery shopping & cleaning and such that we do EVERY DAY!!!  That is just part of life in our home.  We encourage team work, responsibility and helping mommy and daddy!!  We are also reading a psalm a day after we eat & lingering over the words, chewing on The Bread of LIFE!  So whatever your pace & rhythm this summer, I pray it will include abiding in Jesus, teaching your kids to abide in Jesus, and lots of time to love one another be it a sibling or a neighbor!

Joy! Kellye

6 Responses to “Pace & Rhythm of Your Own by Kell”
  1. Jen says:


    Very fun! love your ideas. You were made for homeschooling! LOL! I am reading Free Range Learning and (other than the fact that the author has some “everything is ok” spiritual worldview) it has been a really good read to help me think more and more of education as a whole life idea and less as a contrived event I must create. . . seems like most homeschoolers I know move this direction the longer they educate at home. Anyways, it is a very good book (esp. the first 1/2) to chew on!

    Love your blog!

  2. Kristi says:

    I love you, sweet friend. We started “A” Day yesterday and it was a success!! Complete with Joshua 24:15 (which my sweet 2 year old memorized), “A” Books, and apple pie ( my first made from scratch). We will continue with a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium, and we are so excited. Thank you for the inspiration. Your summer sounds divine!

    • Yay!!! You are such a rock star attempting the Alpha Adeveture with a new baby! Hud is a very blessed little guy! I’ll be over in a few for a slice of your first apple pie! xoxo

  3. Susan says:

    You never fail to inspire and teach 🙂 Love the post deary!! xoxo

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